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E-cig w/ hash oil

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by blowtreesballer, Jan 30, 2011.

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    So, I have a stronger e-cig (Totally Wicked Tornado) and I just got .5g hash oil (purple satori/mandala co2 oil) and I am wondering if you have to mix it with glycerin or something to make it work as drops?

    I know this has been posted about but no one talked about hash oil. Only making tinctures with weed and alcohol.

    EDIT: This does work. I took 3 puffs just about ten minutes ago and I'm stoned as shit. Hahaha, but you have to clean the atomizer after so it doesn't clog. Message me if anyone wants any help with this.

    2nd EDIT: I think it might still have some hash oil stuck in it because I still taste it after using it for hours straight with menthol flavor.
  2. I would not waste that hash oil on experimenting. Just smoke it regular unless you understand all that chemistry.
  3. I don't think that'd work look into making a glycerin tincture from what I know it's the only way.
  4. Check edit. It worked VERY well. Amazing purple satori flavor. Amazing high. And healthier than smoking it.
  5. You can remove the bridge, and wick and expose the coil, put one or two drops (not too much) of H-oil and go... IMPORTANT, if you put too much oil, and it leaks down through the air hole because it liquefies when heated, it can either leak into your battery if you have one that is not sealed (automatic) and ruin it, or if you have a sealed battery, it can bond the center post to the atomizer connection, which will then unscrew with the atomizer, ruining the battery (seen both happen) so you have been warned. The trick is to put enough to get a good hit or two, then reload, so you don't ooze down into the battery.

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