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  1. Ok blades, OSS knows most things, but yes, contrary to belief, there are some things that OSS does NOT know (imagine that).
      Anyway, I was wondering if you can use an oil cartridge that I have seen at the dispensaries, with an e-cig. I see e-cigs being sold everywhere. 7-11 had an entire display rack of them right out front.
      I don't even know how the damn things work. I assume there is a replaceable nicotine cartridge in the e-cig, which you can fill with an oil cartridge?
      Oh hell IDK.....please help me. Thanks you guys!

    Ecigs have different types of threading. Some of them have the same threads as oil cartridges . The common threading for ecigs is dependent on size but its usually 510 thread (most common) and Ego (second most common) with other threadings in between. (601, 808, etc.) . I'll give you an example
    This is an Vision VV Spinner battery , its relatively cheap and variable voltage in case the cart's heat needs adjusting . 
    Its Ego and 510 threaded , so you can use alot of different ones.
    Now if you had a Atmos or Gpen attachment its a little trickier. Atmos and Gpen have different threading but you can also still use that catridge on the battery i listed by getting these  :
    They're thread adapter's ones female one's male. Something like the Vision VV should work fine though as most wax carts now are 510 threaded. 
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  3. Thank you
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    no worries dude all the terms can be confusing. just try it out. it should work. or ask your local dispensary the thread type. 

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