E Cig Pot Mod For The Lazy Man On A Budget

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    There are a lot of nice personal vapes out there, I found this super easy DIY one I found.  It's not even really a DIY, just an e cig that uses old technology that I found.  Anyone else seen this? 
    The brand is called Tru Smoke and its a piece of crap, but cheap and has one benefit. The atomizer is old tech. and is a seperate piece and the you push and pull the filter on and off. It even comes with an empty dummy filter.  You can basically just stuff a few hits of weed in it and your good.  
    Like I said its a pos and a lot better e cig mod options out there, but I tried this one in a pinch. At least it takes no effort like taking the filters apart or tools.  Quick and dirty portable vape, not gonna like its cheap and I am a lazy person.  I used to be able to buy them from a local shop then they ran out, I tried  to go to tru-smoke but it seems like you can only buy filters now.  Shop dude said they were changing product. Anyone seen where you can buy the old style e cigs cheap? I like cause cause its easy to re pack on the go. And I don't have anyplace I can try making BHO.  Anyway thought I would share if anyone needed a cheap option or somethign quick.
    here is that write up http://www.electroniccigarettemod.com/electronic-cigarette-mod-for-pot/

  2. Nice! I really want to try this, I've wanted a cheap vape... How are the hits?c
  3. Nice write up this looks real nice. Too bad I don't smoke bud anymore.
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    Like I said it is cheap, but the hits are good as long as you don't pack the filter thing too tight.  The down side is you can only pack a few hits but i figured out you take the regular nicotine filters and easily knock out the whole liquid pack.  I was actually goofing around an hit one with a golf club and it popped out.  So i just load up a few filters to swap out.  The up side is its cheap so if you gotta toss it quickly just throw out the filter, just make sure you keep the battery and atomizer.
    My buddy recently put in an order and got an email saying would still honor his order if he wanted it but there were running out of stock and discontinuing that product line so the warranty wouldn't apply. I think it's a glitch on their site where you are supposed to only be able to order filters. There are some super nice personal vapes out there but this was like half the price,  I just use this at like the beach and stuff, instead of repacking or people looking at me funny I just throw out the cashed filter.  I like the fact its discrete and the filter are cheap and disposable so you don't have to worry about re packing if you are out all night. 

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