Dyna Gro Protekt?

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  1. I been using Dyna Gro Neem Oil and instructions says to use with Dyna Gro Protekt. Ive been using organic dish soap.

    Is Dyna Gro Protekt safe for organic growing?:smoke:
  2. Is it safe for growing? Yes
    Is it organic? No.
    Will cause any adverse effects in an organic garden? No.
    Is it needed? No

    I use basic Neem Oil and you do not to use another product with it. Spray right before lights go off and you will be fine.

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  3. I have heard it is approve for organic production. Not sure if that is true but it is one item I wouldn't stop using even if it wasn't. Or I would at least substitute some organic tea high in silica. LD and many other experienced growers use it.
  4. I would follow any advice LD has, I enjoy reading his posts!

    I haven't heard that about DG yet. The only reason why I know a little about DG is that I'm setting up an hydro garden, coming from organics.

  5. Same here. +1 yoc.

    I use what works, and it works. I just don't get all that hung up on the 'organic' label, not to the detriment of my plants.

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    I use pro tech with all my neem oil applications. Since i have been doing this i noticed the leaves are more leathery, the stems more tough, ect. Pro tech is an emulsifier, so you still may need a surfactant. Dish soap could work as long as it is not an anitbacterial. But aloe vera or yucca could be used and both have "other" benficial qualities.

    On neem sources I use neem resource Neem, Neem Oil, Karanja Oil, Neem & Karanja products
    I also source my neem and karanja cake from them (per LD's advice) Dyna gro neem is a good source and works well, but the neem from neem resource has more of the active ingredients so it may be a little better. I can't say that from observation, but on paper it rocks. Sorry for the ramble....MIW
  7. I have also used DG Protekt on all my grows and with nearly every watering. I also get the Neemresousrces.com products - neem oil, karanja cake, neem cake. I think they are good people and they always respond readily.

  8. Products like Dyna-Gro Pro-TeKt, Botanicare Silica Blast, et al. are simply dilutions of Potassium Silicate with a molecular formula of K2O3Si - soluble Potassium (K2), Oxygen (O3) and Silica (Si).

    The K2O should be familiar to anyone who has ever shopped in a grow store - this element is found in several products to enhance 'bud size' and companies like Advanced Nutrients use it in about 15 of their product lines. Y*A*W*N

    It's the Silica content that is the biggest benefit with this compound - Dyna-Gro Pro-TeKt has a Silica (Si) level of 7.8% which is much higher than their competitors.

    Silica is a very mobile element and is easily washed away from heavy watering which isn't a big deal because the earth's crust is comprised of Silica levels > 77%

    Why I recommend using potassium silicate as an emulsifier is that is friggin' works. When I take neem or karanja oil and measure it out in a shot glass and then add the Pro-TeKt the color of the oil changes to a bright yellow when it's fully emulsified (broken up into small particles) - no guess work.

    When sprayed on the leaves and branches, the Silica is absorbed directly into the plant's vascular system and there, like in the soil, it's very mobile. When the plant is hit with an invasion (microbial or insect) the plant moves Silica to the site of the invasion limiting the spread and damage. In addition the Silica is accumulated in the top of the leaves making it more difficult for insects to inflict their damage.

    At one time Dyna-Gro had several published studies from the University of Florida on the effectiveness as a fungicide. Soaking the cuttings in a diluted mix was found to prevent damp-off in horticulture growing environments. I've seen this myself once I began to use this compound on a regular basis.

    Dyna-Gro claims on their neem seed oil product label that Pro-TeKt is an effective surfactant - it is not. Not by any stretch of the imagination - it's preposterous just from a look at the elements involved irrespective of the compounds in the neem or karanja oils.

    Potassium silicate is 'approved for organic food production' as are many other elemental mineral sources. It's when you begin to look at mineral compounds that you find many which are banned or that their use is extremely limited - like Dolomite Lime & Potassium Bicarbonate for example.


  9. I mixed my last batch of neem oil with yucca oil and I have used aloe too, both hlep emulsify it...lecithin too. Once I had just some eggs on hand and I used some yolks to emulsify the neem and the shells to soak in vinegar. Waste not want not.
  10. Egg yolks you say? Bourdain sig? Are you a part of this thing of ours?

  11. What thing? Life thing? I think so. I like eggs. My plants do too. I like Bourdain...mmmm, but that's another story. I like Bacon. Not a veggy head by far. Hi :wave:
  12. regarding your sig:

    Don't suggest that to my dog...he'd probably like it! :eek:
    Follows me around enough already.
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    Teehee. I thought you might be a chef.

    About the sig: ya don't do that. The thread I pulled it from was started by someone calling themselves BooBoo1Eye.

    Sorry for the derailment, I use ProTeKt because LD suggested it. Very leathery looking leaves have become the norm.

  14. Tony likes his pig meat doesn't he? So do I. You grow up in Little Havana, it's hard not to. Whole pig in the ground. MMmmmmmmmmmm Add some yucca, black beans and rice, sop it all up with Cuban bread. Heaven.

  15. I have huge love for chef's...I have burned many a salad. When the fire alarm goes off, dinner's done. Just ask the kids. RN here. LOL on the dog thing, was kidding.

    ProTeKt is great.

    Wet, mmmmmm whole roasted piggy...on huge brickbaked flatbread...with sliced avocado's, tom's, purple onion...and salsa....mmm
  16. Hey, Wet, you got me hungry with the pig in the ground comment. The thing with the beans and all and bread to sop it up with, shit, I'm going out to get some pig!! I love a low, slow roasted, boston butt. Sheeeit!! Then chop it up for pulled pork sandwiches!!!A little weed while it slow roasts - well so oyu both slow roast!

    Down there in FLA the cuban food must be the bomb.

    I know, little off from DG Protekt. I don't use it on my pig, but I do on my plants regularly.

  17. Yeah, it don't work worth a crap on pig. Tastes funny too. LOL

    One of the few things I miss about SoFla, the food.

  18. Thanks for the help everybody. I was waiting for your full analysis LD, thank you man. Just started using protekt and i can see a difference.

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