Dyna-Gro Probs, Nitrogen Toxicity...

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  1. I fed all my plants the correct amount of dyna-gro liquid solution mixed with water for their regular watering... and my boyfriend didn't know this, & gave the most mature plant some pure dyna-gro, bless his heart probably because he thought it'd be good for the lil lady... needless to say the plant is now suffering from nitrogen toxicity, but the worst part is that it looks like some of the dyna-gro dripped onto one of my baby's leaves! it crystalized & completely crumpled the leaf...... HELP! should i remove the crumpled, dyna-gro covered leaf? 


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  2. I would say remove the leaf and flush flush flush.

  3. how do i flush? & should i cut the whole stem off or just the leaf?
    I wanna make sure I do this right
  4. when you say pure dyna gro.........do you mean he opened the bottle of the fertilizer & dumped it straight into the soil?
    if thats the case.........man oh man..........you can try flushing but most likely your plant will be dead in a few days. sorry for the bad news. ive seen what happens when you pour concentrated fertilizer directly onto plants before. it did not happen to my plants, but the circumstances than surround that story are funny.....no need to go into detail about the story, though :ph34r:
  5. oh god. this is so sad because the pre-flowers had just begun poppin' out :'(
    can i flush it with just water?

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