Dying seedling.

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    Well im not sure if shes actually dying anymore, but i had a massive problem monday where myleaves started going yellow and shriveling, i removed it from my bubble bucket and placed itinto soil, i kept onto the beleif that things get worse before they get better, which seems to have happend, the yellowing leaves seem to have stopped getting anymore yellow and about 50% of each leave is damaged, the new growth is alittle bit effected with a tiny ammount of yellow on the tip of one of the new leaves (the yellowing hasnt got anyworse since i planted into soil)

    my question is, shall i trim the yellow and dead leaf off? or leave it on?


    btw its currently in a small ammount of soil in a yogart pot, going to get soil today (wednesday) when i wakeup in the afternoon, going to be using organic soil without any added time release nutes and so on.
  2. i just read that getting the leaves wet under the light can damage the plant, i got the leaves wet accedently on sunday night, do you think that caused this?????
  3. Leave them on. They're not dead yet. They might recover or at least hang on until you get more healthy, new growth.

  4. Getting the leaves wet did not cause this - what that is referring to is having water droplets act as magnifying glasses on leaves from the light (or sun) which will cause leaf spots and holes.

    As far as how I handle this kinda shit : The plant aint dead until it's wilted and flopped over.

    So you got time. I would NOT trim anything off the plant... leaves are turning yellow cause she's feeding on them. Cutting would simply remove the food source.

    I would also let her dry a bit...make SURE she needs water when you are.

    Lastly, I'd feed her something. She looks hungry to me (even the small 'feeder' leaves are brown and wilted) - so give that girl a sandwich!

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