Dying leaves?! Please help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Tydroponics, May 28, 2019.

  1. 4A10F34E-ED5D-4562-BB1E-4030BF6A397C.jpeg Someone please tell me what is happening to my plant. I don’t think it’s nute burn, this happend overnight and we got a lil bit of rain lastnight if that helps any, but I use organic 5-4-4 fertilizer if that helps also
  2. Looks like water that was on the leaves in direct sunlight. The droplet like marks on the right side leaf are also caused by the same thing.
  3. Skip you are probably right man I never gave that any thought but considering I didn’t shake the water off the plant like I normally wouldve after yesterday’s rain that only makes sense! Man of the year award goes to u homie, how long will those spots stay on there any idea. Thanks
  4. The spots will not heal. However you shouldn't see any progression of the issue either. I always try to have my watering done super early or when the sun is behind the trees on the way to setting. Usually around 6pm is when I water but it depends on your area. The sun being directly overhead is when it's going to nuke wet leaves.

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  5. Soil born fungus is my guess. It usually will affect lower leaves first, moving up the plant. Watch if those spots continue to get darker. I've had outdoor plants that were afflicted with that. It was an issue early, as the weather dried out, the symptoms stopped. The plant matured and produced well enough. I was using old barn yard manure for my soil amendment.

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