dying in your own dreams

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  1. has anyone ever died in their dreams before? its a wierd experience

    last night i had one of the most vivid dreams ive ever had, i was in a large old timey looking theater watching a play, it was in some huge metropolis, i went in and sat down inside, i remember it was a play sponsored by my old high school. there were tons of people there.

    all of a sudden a crazy man came in yelling with a sub mac and started gunning people down, i felt the worst fear i have ever felt in my life, i though everything happening was real. i hid behind some guy i didnt know thinking maybe he wasnt after me, i would get away.

    sure enough he shoots my sister, she fell on my shoulders dying. next thing i know my heart sinks and i see him aim at me. he shot me at least 20 times, i felt intense pain with every bullet, i imagine that if i got shot, it would feel exactly as it did in this dream, i felt the blood seeping out of my body, and each bullet sitting, stinging, inside of me. all of a sudden i started to black out, i fell, slowly my vision started fading, i felt at peace, i accepted my death, and the intense pain began feeling numbed. next thing i know im looking at the tall cieling, blackness slowly takes over my vision, im floating up towards the sky, perfectly happy and free from my body.
    then i woke up

    anyways, does anyone know what a dream like this could mean, it was amazingly vivid, i still remember it as if it were a movie scene i saw today. maybe it had something to do with a past life? or just a fear of death? it was wierd experiencing dream death, it felt so real, i thought, even knew, i woke up breathing heavy and sweating intensely. it was real at the time. has anyone else had a vivid dream about death before, where it felt completely real (although its impossible to know whether or not it felt real seeing as ive never been shot or died). feel free to share anything related to death in dreams.
  2. If you ever have this type of dream again, try and stay active in your dream. Try and make it to whatever you were floating too.
  3. yeah, the only problem is that it seemed real at the time, maybe my brain saw that if it couldnt wake up i was really dying so it woke me up

    if this happens again and i can remember i will definately do that though, who knows what would end up happening.

    the wierd thing is when i went back to sleep i had more vivid dreams that all occured on the same day as the day i "died". i remember i smoked blunts and creeped around with friends in the surreal metropolis, i even went into an arts center connected to the theater the shooting occured in, where i watched a movie where the images come towards you and reveal another image inside them and so on over and over if you know what i mean, i dont know what they are called
  4. none where I die, but ive had some reoccuring dreams that i'm asleep but balling my eyes out or something like that. often I think my dreams could be hollywood movies.

    here is something weird.. in dreams where I'm having to shoot someone its very hard to pull the trigger.. to be clear.. I want to pull the trigger, i'm trying to pull the trigger, but my finger wont work to pull it, or its really hard to squeeze and I have to use my other hand to finally get a shot off..
  5. What if your subconscious was telling you that when you die you actually wake up?

    That would be some crazy shit...
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    that would be crazy... i think its definately trying to tell me something, maybe not to fear death?

    actually funny you mention that about the subconscious, because my dreams always seem to be trying to tell me something

    for example, right after i dreaded my hair, it looked like a complete mess for about a month. at the time i was thinking of cutting my hair off, even though i had promised myself i would wait it out for at least 6 months. sure enough, i had a dream where i shaved my head, i was happy for a few minutes, then i was overwhelmed with sadness that i had cut my hair after spending 8 hours dreading it, and after waiting so long for it to grow. almost as if i had shamed myself in cutting it. sure enough when i woke up i realized that every time i cut my hair i like it at first but i end up sad that i cut it, and that this time would be no different.

    now it has been 4 months and i love how my forming dreads look more and more with each day, i couldnt be happier with my decision

    also, not to make this too long

    but right after i quit cigarettes i was fiending terribly for them. i was on the verge of giving in. then on the second night of quitting i had a dream where i gave in and smoked a cigarette. after smoking it i felt a feeling of defeat, as though i were a weak person, and that cigarettes controlled me, luring me with short pleasure and then leaving a trail of destruction and feeling of being unsatisfied. i woke up even thinking i had smoked and was very upset, when i realized i hadnt i was filled with happiness, and ever since i have been steadfast in quitting.

    ive always thought dreams were very important, after all, when else can our subconscious try to help us and get through to us with the ceaseless thoughts filling our minds and distracting us throughout the day.

    sorry for such a long post, also yogertslinger, thats really interesting, dreams are so odd sometimes, i feel like there has to be something of importance behind them.

    edit: isnt it crazy that dreams are really no different from reality, while we are in them they are every bit as real, they just dont seem to have consequences.... nothing in dreams really lasts
  7. i've flown off buildings before like skyscrapers at night and woke up right befor the landing

    also had a dream i was in a rural area and there was white building i was in and terrorist muslim people ran in with babies all crying and stuff and i was sitting in a corner watching them pull out drills and preparing to drill through these babies heads although i woke up before the shit started i was freaked the fuck out
  8. That's pretty intense. I've died in dreams, before. Usually pretty similar, in that they were vivid, and felt very realistic. I've been shot down, drown, eaten (crazy nightmare monsters, FTW!), and blown up.

    I usually wake up a little later all like... WTF?? :confused_2:
  9. I have died several times in my own dreams. Its quite strange, usually some accident happens or someone stabs me or something. However, I am not "truly" dead its not all black and i dont wake up or see any ridiculous, imo, light. I have a strange kind of observer status after I die, and i simply watch as characters in my dreams continue, usually in great peril. Lol dreams are funny
  10. One night, after I had just read a few days previously that master spiritualists's release their souls consciouslessly through their third eye instead of out their crown like most people, I had a dream where I was in a glass penthouse in Hawaii. I was enjoying the view of all these flying cars zipping around from my penthouse window-wall. All of a sudden an apache war chopper hovered up right infront of me and unloaded into me with mini gun fire. Needless to say I died, but as I died I came out my third eye and as I came out of my third eye in the dream I passed through this big glass screen of colors and darkness and then broke through and I was sitting up in my bed with my eyes open and my vision turned from the darkness to real life.

    It was cool.
  11. If I remember correctly, according to dream interpreters, seeing yourself die in a dream means the re-birth of something. I've never gotten into the whole dream interpretation thing though, just seems like someone who made up the meanings off the top of their head.
    Wow, I've died a lot of times in my dreams. I've been stabbed, repeatedly punched, drowned, fallen from a height (It always ends just as I hit the ground). And two weird things that I've noticed is that they're always more vivid than other dreams, and I've never been able to go lucid in a death dream, which I can usually do quite easily.

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