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  1. hey i just did 2 zicam concentrated thing.. so thats about 600 right.. i put both bottels in a cup of OJ.. OMFG that was the most discutingest thing ever!.. my sister also did the 1.5 of the 3 oz bottels of delsym.. i extracted it for her.. i did mine on a fairly full stomack.. it that still ok.. with the amount taht i took will i be hallucinating...
  2. 2 zicams is actually like 700mg. if its ur first time ur gonna be FUCKED up. u wont be able to walk just to let u know and if u sit in a dark room ull see some crazy shit
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    Haha hope you have fun Roar. Report back what happens
    And 2 Zicams is 782mg
  4. LOL zicam is fucking rank.....what I do is I have some liquid/soda whatever and have the zicam open, and have a WARHEAD already open and ready to down....

    have some soda/liquid in your mouth...hold it in there and dump the zicam down along with the soda already there and swallow at the same time..then take another swallow of soda/liquid and pop the WARHEAD it fucking works WONDERS it also helps with nausia and btw it kills ALL after taste...basically like dude did i just pop a zicam?

    try it trust me
  5. damn... last night i was fucked up.. i still am.. and its 2 the next day... haha... thats shit is cool.. had a fun tripp
  6. Haha good to hear man, told ya you'd like the zicam.

    Am I the only one who does not have a problem with zicams taste ? :confused:
  7. i put 2 cool cherry in a cup of oj.. that was the most discustingest thing ever.. haha.. so hard to get down.. but when i did.. i started trippin like 30 min later..

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