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  1. So lately I have been feeling the need to try DXM. So two nights ago I gave it a shot.

    Background info- I am not new to drugs, I have smoked cannabis regularly for two years, I used to drink, I have used ritalin, Amphetamines, Hydrocodone, Oxycontin, LSD, and DPH(Dumb idea). I have been in an extremely good mood lately, I had a great Valentine's Day with my girlfriend. It consisted of new basketball shoes, a new piece, and some sexy lingerie. So I am in a great mood and completely open minded.

    Setting- My house, no one is home besides myself and a good friend who was my sitter. I had my ipod hooked up with a great play list and I had my Xbox 360 because I was going to play some video games on the comeup. The room we are in is also dimmely lit and nice and warm just how I like it to be when I'm about to trip.

    At about 9:00 p.m. I forced down the two bottles of Vicks 44 Dry Cough Formula, I highly recommend it, I had no stomach aches and hardly any Robo itch. So, that put my dosage well into the Third platue range, I think the actually dose I took was around 750mg. I also only weigh 155 pounds and I have a fast metabolism. I know its not recommended to shoot for a third platue trip your first time but I am fairly expirienced with phsycadellics and I was in an overall amazing mood. After about 30 minutes I began to feel the effects of the first platue, the high kinda resembled that of amphhetamines mixed with a slight sense of euphoria and a mood lift. Music and Gears of War 2 were very pleasurable while I was in the first platue but it was nothing major just a nice relaxing very open minded state.

    Slowly but surely I was heading straight for the second platue. I began to feel like I smoked a few bowls of high quality buds. I stood up to go get some food when I instantly felt the stoned/drunk part of the trip, it was actually really fun trying to manuever my way through the house while walking like a robot. After grabbing some food I could feel myself rising to the top of the 2nd platue. I sat down and tried to play a little more Gears of War but when I looked at the screen my vision was completely fucked and all I saw was double, it was also extremely hard to text ppl like this.

    As I felt like I was at the top of the 2nd platue and about to climb to the third I found a comfy spot on my couch with a blanket. I turned on some techno at a low volume and I began to let go. As I made my way into the 3rd platue my body felt completely sober but my mind was leaving it. I closed my eyes and instantly I saw amazing geometric figures and patters in great colors. Soon I opened my eyes and realized I didnt need to have my eyes closed to see visuals. The room that I was had a few lights on but what I saw was a colorful worm hole.
    I feel my body being raised off the bed and then there is dead silence nothing no sound is heard nothing in the world it's the most peaceful thing Ive ever experienced. I was following some person through a worm hole im not sure if it was a man or a women I was never close enough to the object to get a complete description but I did make eye contact with it many times. I also was following every path that the creature took. My breathing patterns changed everytime something would happen it was amazing. But again I felt completely sober through this whole expirience my mind was just gone.

    I followed him to a foreign planet and the planet was inhibited with many aliens, creatures that almost looked like humans but they were blue and had rectangle shaped heads. I was taken there in shackles but there leader released me and I began to explain to him how he cannot take me as a slave. At first he did not believe me but I reassured him that my people had already tried to take a man of different color and make him a slave. I told him this only made things worse because everyone was created equally no single person is greater than anyone else. No one knows who is the most important in the grand skeem of things. Who knows there is always someone who is greater than you The Alien leader agreed with me and he told me I could leave but if I left I would never be able to return. I was fine with that because I gathered the knowledge I needed and left.

  2. [FONT=&quot]I then went to a weird rain forrest but there was no animals just me. Then all of a sudden a girls face was there and it was my girl friend Cassie's face. My face was with her face and we just sat there looking at each other and the scence would change like it was dark and rainy with lightining then slowly the sun would come out and the sky would be a beautiful orange color. Then it would start snowing lightly and I was still with her so I realized that we could make it through anything it doesn't matter how bad it gets we will always stay together.

    As I was coming down I recorded as much as I possible could and I also tried to reson things out in my mind.

    It was truly an amazing expirience that ranks as high as having sex or even higher in my books. I believe I may have reached the 4th platue even though the dosage does not show that because I did have out of body expiriences and alien encounters.

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  3. Smart and recreational use, accompanied with knowing how to have a good trip can make an occasional dxm trip a mind blowing experience. I have lived my life from birth to death on dxm.
  4. Damn that sounds crazy and makes me sooo excited cause i have a couple bottles of vicks 44 dry cough that im goin to be using tonight for my first dxm trip.

  5. Enjoy that stuff man, just don't over do it, and remember don't get scared, just relax and let dxm work its magic
  6. Yes that is the main part of the whole experience just let your mind go and explore.
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    DXM is so intense. Almost like Heroin except it isn't as addicting thankfully. Damn I feel so good right now. It definitely has a calming effect seeing your life from distance. We are all just living life. Understanding why people are the way they are at work and etc.

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