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  1. What would be the best way to consume this DXM in question if the only access is what is sold at a pharmacy. I will only consume DXM as the active ingredient, but the method that is best remains a mystery after looking it up on erowid. Do pills and syrup both cause equal amounts of nausea? pros and cons of each
  2. Zicam Max Cough Syrup is the best if you got a chaser. Warheads and Orange Juice will take out the nasty taste. It only has .55 ounces for 391 mg's.
    Robitussin Gels are good if you hate the taste but it also hurts your throat having to swallow all those pills. Also it is not as strong since it takes longer to kick in. Each pill is 15mg's.
    Robitussin Max Strength Syrup- Causes Nausea for me. It is only DXM and it is cheaper then the other 2. 4 ounces is 350mg's.

  3. ZICAM COUGH MAX COUGH SPRAY is the best thing to use in my opionion. Its way less fluid than cough syrup, it taste horibble, but its no worse than taking a shot of jacks with a chaser

    and it gets u so fucked up! with in half an hour to two hours (depending on body weight) you will feel high as fuck, and its only 9 bucks a bottle
  4. For me the pills generally cause less stomach discomfort, and nausea leading to vomiting.
  5. last night i did corisetin(however u spell it) against my will. My friend would only do that with me cuz his friend who was "an expert" because he did it 4 times said it was the best thing. I only took 420mg so i only tripped maybe second plateau so i wasn't worried about the antihistimine(forget the name but it wasn't acetamaphen). I know shit besides DXM is bad, but he wouldn't do anything else, and i read coriseden is ok for first 2 plateaus.
    I threw up from the pills, but after i was high. After i threw up my trip got awesome. One of the best times of my life. Happy i tried it. Now with salvia, weed, and DXM under my belt, i will feel alot more comfortable taking schrooms and lsd.
  6. vicks44 is the best shit i've come across yet. it tastes great, comes in six ounce bottles, and costs like $6.
  7. Don't take Coricidin, its the only DXM product that has been associated with DEATH. Too much other stuff in it.

    Don't use Zicam Cough Max (and the seemingly obligatory warheads that people recommend) because it is too expensive. At "only 9 bucks" it is one of the most expensive products besides Delsym. It is also weaker than regular syrups.

    The pills are good because they are easy to down, but buying two bottles of the pillls (I do over 600mg which is 2 bottles when I take it) is suspicious and some stores care about that stuff.

    I would get the storebrand Tussin with DXM only. Either an 8oz or 2 4oz bottles (Again, I usually take 800mg+). They taste bad, but its doable. Each 4oz has 360mg which is a great base dose and very strong if you take 2.
  8. i just dont like drinking 6 oz of think nasty cough syrup. i have tripped on the zicam 4 times and one and a half bottles was good for me.

    as for the cost, i usally dont pay for it....so i guess thats in my favor
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    Zicam spray is the best, its pretty much like a shot. Also, I found taking the gel caps with a full stomach made the trip less intense but I had NO nasuea at all. Take 60 of those bad boys after a steak dinner and enjoy the 'rolling' euphoria.

    Also don't take the gel caps on an empty stomach, I took 65 and threw all of them up, wasted money and dry heaved until my face burned.
    I've taken DXM around 40 times maybe over the course of years, with only 1 bad experience ('trip') and 2 failed attempts (threw up too early).

    Also don't fight the nausea, if it gets so intense you have to throw up, do it, or risk feeling shitty the entire time.

    Your friend made your risk your life against your will? Honestly dude, he doesn't sound like much of a friend. CCC can kill you very easily, or cause liver damage. Bleeding from the mouth, eyes, rectum.. Instead of a trip on DXM its a trip to the ER.
  10. this guy knows the best way to get the hardest trip for your money. some people don't want that, and opt into other methods. my opinion, and i say OPINION, is that in my experience, the gel caps cause more nausea than syrup, and happen to be bigger than a daily multivitamin. swallowing them is a challenge for me. for these reasons, i stick with syrup.

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