Dxm Omg

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr.bubbles, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. yeah im on 700 mgs..the pills havnt kicked in yet...gotta go some xanies and ill post up some pics in halfg hour or soo
  2. haha have fun man andd enjoy it
  3. haha are those trip cs? (havnt taken them in forever)
  4. aw you have a little chi chi like we do :)
  5. haha bubbles told me to tell everyone that those were xanies not the dxm pills
  6. lol your a crazy mofo
  7. dxm is retarded

    i drank 900mg and had the worst fuckin trip ever
  8. Sounds like too much, was that your first trip?
  9. um...explain. What did you drink, first time, by yourself, etc..
  10. Not trying to jack this thread, but since its the right topic...

    how much gauifenesin is too much? Im just super bored and without buds tonight so I figured Id see if I had any robo. I have one 4oz bottle with 10mg DXM and 100mg Gau. with every 5ml dose.
  11. i sent u a pm dude ill be on at t10 I GOT SOME DESILUM

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