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  1. Would it be safe if i drank a bottle of children dimetapp and 3 mucinex DM pills? Its all i got at the moment so let me know thanks!
  2. Not sure about the dimetapp, but here's the ingredients.

    Dimetapp® - Wyeth Consumer Healthcare

    The mucinex has guaifenesin in it, which makes some people ridiculously nauseous and start puking, but I've taken mucinexDM and never had any bad side effects.
  3. NO dosage advice. EVER! stop asking. gahh at stupid threads.
  4. I've tooken 2 mucinex pills before and i was just fine. And i have like 3.5oz of dimetapp so its not all the way full but pretty much.

  5. I don't think he's asking for dosage advice, just if there's anything in those that'll like, kill him haha D:
  6. Rule of thumb, if the only medical ingredient is Dextromethorphan, then it's safe. If it has anything else along with DXM, with the partial exception of Guaifenesin, then it's not safe.
  7. He asked if it would be safe to consume those. Thats most definetly dosage advice.
  8. I looked up Brompheniramine and is has 1mg per tablespoon and its basically safe i havnt checked the other ingredient yet tho
  9. I never asked how much to take...i asked if it would be safe.
  10. It's safe if you consider the possibility of projectile vomiting all over the place safe. Or having mud butt for the next few days.

    As has already been stated, go for something with DXM only. If you're fiending so hard for a buzz that you have to resort to something that isn't tried and true, well, all I can say is find a new hobby.
  11. go to erowid.org and look up dxm
    there they will have dosage info
    start with half a bottle of delsym orange the bigone for $10 at target
    that makes most people feel it and get an idea\
    dont try to get fucked up the first time
    start small and work your up to find a sweet spot
    this is like asking how much shrooms or acid do i take
    its impossible
    its very personal but erowid is gud stuf for dose info
  12. No, Delsym Orange doesn't work nearly as well as other brands. From the ingredients it looks good, but skip it. NEVER take any cough syrup with anything other than the Dextromethorphan as an active ingredient. And as for dosage, your safe up to like 2,000 mg. Most I've taken is probably around 500 mg and you can have some pretty intense trips.
  13. delsym orange works fine for me cuz its available and i extract the dxm out anyway
    i dont drink cough syrup
  14. Im about to triup for my first time in a while and does night or daytime robitussin matter i need to know asap
  15. ^neither. search. weve already done your work for you. dont make us find it agin

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