dxm do it or don't???

Discussion in 'General' started by just blaze, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. it's just about the 1 year anniversery of when took too many triple c's like a dumbass went unconcious(sp?) got kicked out of my best buddies house and just fucked up completly...i have no herb but i can get some fronted but i want something intense tonight...so i'm broke got plenty of tussin but can't decide if it's the worst idea i've had in a while...seems like it'd bad luck to me, just vote.

    edit: is it just me or is tussin out? haha like you know, nobody is doing it anymore, which is probably a good thing but seems kind of old school if you wanna say 6 months or so is old school
  2. I drank some a couple hours ago and some last night. go for it
  3. fuckin go for it..be careful
  4. If you like the buzz it gives you, go for it, I won't touch the stuff anymore, gives me some really bad itches.
  5. due to not enough answers i was going to do it but not really enjoy it, bubbles...you got me to want to do it...god i'm an idiot
  6. Dude go for it but be careful and read the faq, I like DXM a lot the highs sweet, but not all people like it. Make sure u got the right stuff too make sure the only active ingredient is dextromethorphan, anything else as an active ingredient will either make u throw up or die.

    The faq
  7. you need to talk to some one blaze?

  8. 'ay bubbles thanks for the pm, i ain't got yahoo, been meanin' to get it, +rep for the ummmmmkindness i'm fellin fuckin' great btw
  9. iight man..im jsut sayin dont get a bad trip youll flip out how many mgs u on

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