DXM cough gels question

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by p0p01617, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Hey i weigh around 130lbs and am trying DXM for the first time. I bought a bottle of 20 robitussin coughgels that only have DXM as the acrtive ingredient. On the bottle it says Active Ingredients Dextro... HBr USP 15 mg. Does this mean 15mg of DXM per pill? Cuz that would add up to 300mg in the bottle (15x20). I checked a DXM calculator and this would be mid 2nd plat. for me. Does this all sound correct? thanks alot
  2. Whether it is a second plateau trip for you or not, I can't tell. What the trip is like doesn't depend solely on your weight, it can be drastically different for different people. But generally, yes that would be a second plateau dose. Check the bottle to see if the supplement facts are for 1 pill, it should say it at the top. And yes, 15 X 20 = 300.
  3. Yep sounds correct to me
  4. i took 20 but im 160 idk myi buddy did 30

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