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DXM and Hyrdocodone

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Vokal, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. Was wondering if there could possibily be any adverse effects from mixing DXM and hydrocodone.

    Been looking around online and reading about people saying there could be a risk of respirtory arrest.

    That's probably just in really high doses of both drugs but I'm most likely just gonna stick to one of the two. Even that slight risk makes me kind of nervous about mixing them.
  2. Here's the best advice you could ever get: Fuck DXM, stick to the Hydros, and have a chill night just don't pop more than you need depending on your tolerance level.
  3. Yeah honestly I havn't been a fan of DXM, but I found out about that Zicam Cough Max which I want to try out sometime. Most of the reason DXM wasn't for me was cause the Robitussin would make me sick as hell.

    Don't really want to pop like 20 gels either.
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    Yeah man I guess it depends on the person but DXM isn't a very safe drug to use regardless. I would think mixing the two would make it that much more dangerous. If you have hydrocodone and weed it will be a fun night.

    Edit: If you do the DXM though, make sure it has ONLY DXM. Some people end up getting sick off of just DXM and the other things like dies and shit can make you sick also. Stay away from things like acetaminophen, because that's what kids are OD'ing from.
  5. From what I've read since before I first tried it, DXM is relatively safe except at extreme doses. The reason it would make me sick is mostly because of that robitussin liquid sitting in my stomach would just make me puke.

    You're right though just the hydro's would be my best bet. I wish I had bud to mix with them, but havn't been able to find any lately.

  6. Yeah I bought the right kind when I did it, Robitussin Max Strength. But still that nasty liquid just sitting in my stomach just makes me sick.
  7. Yeah it is pretty safe at small doses but once you get pass the third plateau it can be pretty dangerous. The problem nowadays is most people aren't informed at all on how bad the other ingredients can be or how big of a dose they should take, but it sounds like you've researched it.
  8. I love the people in this thread. They are hoppin on to the little "I Hate DXM" Bandwagon and its hilarious how they are saying it is really bad for your body, when in all honesty taking this about once a month will give you pretty much no side effects while, hydrocodone, an illegal substance that is highly addictive. You tell me which one is more harmful.
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    No one is hopping on the "I Hate DXM" bandwagon, what are you talking about?

    Also Hyrdocodone isn't an illegal substance, it's the ingredient in Vicodin which is a pharmecutical and is not highly addictive, especially when used in moderation.
  10. Not you silly, the first three posts after the OP. Hydrocodone is a perscription medication and isn't legal for possession without a valid script.
  11. I wouldn't mix Prescription drugs with OTC drugs, just doesn't sound healthy to me.
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    I have every right to hate DXM. I've done it like 5 times and every time was horrible no matter what type I tried or even the dose. And I've know so many people to OD, ending up in the hospital, and even had a friend that died a few years back. I've heard so many other bad things about it to, so what do you expect my view on it to be? My posts weren't even that hateful towards it haha.

    And honestly, I think poppin a few Hydrocodone will be less of a strain on your body than Robotrippin. But to each his own I guess.

  13. Lol, what? I've never known anyone to die from DXM, and you claim to know "so many people?" You won't die on the shit unless you take an increadibly high dose, or use it repeatedly for a long stretch on time.
  14. as long as you dont overkill on either of the drugs you would be fine man. i've mixed dxm and heroin before n was fine (and extremely fucked up), so dxm and hydrocodone wouldn't be nearly as bad
  15. If your talking about the zicam chewable tables then yeah, those are the shit!
  16. i took a shitload of dxm and had the worst drug experience of my life i felt like burning needeles were being forced into my upper back and my heart stopped beating but i ended up okay.
    ive alsoo done it in low doses and its pretty amazing but if yoiure gonna mix opiates just take like 60 mgs or so and like 3 or 4 vicodin and youll be feeling nice.
    i took 100 mg's of dxm
    10 mg's of hydrocodone
    200 mg's of prypoxyphene napsylate
    and 50 mg's of ephedrine and
    at the same time and i was home alon during the day
    lets just say i cleaned EVERYTHING
    the ephedrine just got me all energized and the opiates made me feel happy and intense and dxm potentiated the opiates while giving me a nice buzz and i felt like i had to work or else id die of bordom ahahah
  17. oh and i smoked two boles and a cigarrette ahahah
  18. ^ your name is very fitting
  19. aren't both bad for your liver?

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