Discussion in 'General' started by XUFCshroomeryX, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. I think I am going to go for another ttrip tonight ,I did 300 mg on monday night successfully, for you experienced users is it ok for me to do it again tonight and what should i move up to?
  2. Wait a day.
  3. 480mg was the most i've ever tripped (145lbs) and i was pretty whacked.
  4. don't do too much too often. it's not good for you.
  5. i was doin 4-600mgs twice a week or so for a few months a while back

    youll be ok, 300s not alot
  6. I ended up doing 450 Mgs and it was pretty fun, but not what I expected the trip wasnt as good as the 300 mg one probably because I didnt have enough bud.

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