Dxm 1100

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Shrooms~n~Weed, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. i took 3 zicam bottle at 11:50
    it is now 12:30 i can b arely type
    ill get back on in 20 mins
    i got a blunt on deck
  2. 3 is kinda over my limit. If Im gonna take some dxm its 2 zicam bottles for me.

    Otherwise I halfway pass out and don't remember much.

    Good luck basically. lol
  3. Have fun on the fourth plateau my friend! I spent some pretty insane nights up there! GOOD VIBES :hello:
  4. I wish I was you right now man, enjoy your trip and don't do anything stupid. Good vibes :hippie:

  5. 3 bottles of zicam + 40 minutes after ingestion + blunt

    "I'll be back in 20" HAHAHAHAHAHHA

    Have fun man:smoking:
  6. your the man
    goin strong
  7. Soo.... How'd this go?:D
  8. ...how was the trip? ive always wanted t go to 4th. only been to 3rd tho
  9. Damn bro, that's a high dose. It should get you to the 4th plateau depending on your weight. Have fun and don't forget to tell us what happened.
  10. Yeah hes not getting on anytime soon. :smoking::smoking::hippie:
  11. He's probably going to be sleeping for 20 hours haha.
  12. have fun, I just had a plateau 3 experience
  13. AHAHAHA man i wasnt on yesteday
    but holllyyyy shittt, at 2 am it started raining that kinda scaared mee.
    but man was I fucked up to the limit :D
    that blunt calmed me down
    at the end of my trip i came down at around 4:30 and finished the rest of the blunt and passed out to a movies.
    all in all that trip was fuckin intense and fuckin awesome
    again tonight i hope but with 2.5 Zicam bottles prob around 900-1000
    ill give out a full report later

  14. I would take it easy on the higher level plateau trips so closer together man! sounds like you had a good time, but it can be really dangerous to do so much so often :rolleyes:

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