DWC vs Flood tables.

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  1. So my buddies friend who knows quite a few growers said that with DWC you can not get dank nugs.  it has been bumming me out and I know there is bigger arguments to be had with hydro vs organics but I was just wondering if DWC really is a legit way to grow and if his buddy just said that because he knows more commercial growers who obviously are going to use Ebb and flow.  Anyhow just wanted to hear your thoughts b/c I was hoping that I wasn't wasting my time with DWC...  I really was looking forward to my GHS tw...

  2. Your friend's friend who knows some growers is talking out his ass lol.

    I can honestly say it comes down more to the grower and what they put into the grow vs. the method to produce high quality herb. Each method has it pros/cons and any experienced grower would be aware of that. Some are definitely harder than others and some more suited for a commercial grow vs. a private/personal grow but I would never say you can't get dank bud from a certain growing method.

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    it depends what you mean by "dank" if your talking quality or potency then as long as you don't cock it up its all genetic. growing methods are all about quantity and speed.

    ebb n flow is a better system if you get it spot on, but it's much harder to do so. DWC is much easier to get right, in fact it's hard to get wrong. the roots are in the reservoir constantly so always has the correct ratio of nutes available. the only problem being there is a cut off point on the amount of oxygen you can get to the roots seeing as they are under water. flood and drain and aeroponics will give the roots more available oxygen but nutrient ratios suffer so you need to get flood times spot on and nutrient strength and PH spot on and keep them spot on

    if you keep them spot on an ebb & flow (flood & drain) system will be far better than any DWC
  4. ^true but I believe flood to drain is a much better system IMO less parts is better once you get a bunch of the DWC sites all daisy chained together there's a lot of room for failure not on the grower but on the equipment it self now with that said I keep my mothers in DWC in single buckets with no connection and it works perfect for me great clone re growth and I flower eeb and flow

    To your question yes you can grow dank in DWC it's all up to you
  5. Both methods work great, as long as you know the strengths and weaknesses of each system.
    In a DWC system, a common risk is the nutrient temperature.  If the nutes get too warm, the water won't hold as much oxygen, which could lead to root rot, and overal inefficient growth.   You must have a method of keeping the nutrient solution cool (68F is ideal).  If you have cooler ambient temperatures, this may not be an issue for you.  If you live in a warm area, then this should be heavily weighted in your decision making.
    In a flood and drain system, the roots are only saturated a few times during daylight hours, then left to "air out" for most of the day.   Your soup temps aren't critical in this type of set up.  Although less than ideal, you can have 90F nutrient temps, but still have great results.  This is a major consideration when deciding between the two types of systems.
    I can and have grown equally excellent quality flowers in both types of systems.  Whoever has told you one is better than the other is speaking from a limited point of view.   You can succeed or fail with either system.  It's all about which system is best for you.

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