Dwc troubles; burn/deficiencies

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  1. Hey guys, after trying to do my own research I'm caving in and asking for help. I recently transplanted a clone from soil into my dwc bucket. I expected some stunting and I'm finally starting to see some new vertical new growth( about 10 days since the transplant). Unfortunately some of my larger fan leaves are showing signs of deficiencies as well as burn. I'm following the Lucas formula, which I started to dilute yesterday with ph water due to the severe burns. I also lowered my water level to see if that would solve the droopiness(looks like overwatering/lack of o2). What do you all think of this nute def.?

    Environmental factors:
    Temp - 75-78 with light on, 62-66 off
    Humidity is solid around 40%
    Res temps around 66-67
    600 watt MH about a foot away
    Hydro farm pump, two outlets per one bucket
    Ph- 5.4-6.0(I've been adjusting it around those parameters to see if I can find a sweet spot)
    PPM-815 right now, probably dropping that later today to around 550-600.

    Any advice is appreciated


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  2. Any help blades?
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    Change the res, put in some aqua shield for good measure and wait a day and see if it gets better. If it stops or gets better, start back on half strength of nutes you were usin

    Also check that your air stones are workin. Get another one if its too small. Plants can suffocate pretty fast without enough.
  4. You're suggesting to change it out with ph'd water and see if it helps?

    Appreciate the help
  5. do a res change with nutes at about 400-500ppm assuming 0PPM to start

    move your light about 2 feet away until things are better

    whats your res temp?

    pics of your roots?

    is there a recirculating pump? is it on a timer?

    I want to help but need more info. A res change is always a great way to start (especially if youre do) If you have fresh nutes, just cut it with pure water (proper Ph total)
  6. No recirculating pump, stand alone bucket. Doing a res change now and moving the light. Hopefully this helps, thx for the input
  7. whats your res temp?

    how many watts is your air pump?
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  9. sorry I missed that. Muh bad
  10. got any pics of the roots?

    how confident are you that your Ph measurement is accurate?
  11. btw if I were you, id lower the res and put a recirculating pump in there on the same timer as the lights. This would allow plenty of oxygen for the roots at night. The plant may not be able to take in what it needs because of damaged or flooded roots
  12. Most issues can be handled by trying to first change the res and lowering nutes
  13. I wouldnt say "most issues". Maybe you meant "the most commmon issue"?

  14. Keep forgetting sense isn't common for everyone. Yes, thank you
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    The roots are bright white, and just starting to protrude from the net pot after lowering the nutrient solution level in the bucket. The plant is starting to look happier and the roots are growing at an accelerated pace(relative to before).

    Rez temp consistent 66-68. 600PPM @ 5.8 PH
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    Alrighty gentlemen, attached are pics of the roots a few days ago compared to today, and also some of the plant. It doesn't seem to be getting worse, but its not getting better. New growth seems to be a bit light and my leafs are still curling. PPM around 570 and I believe that to be too high at this point. I changed the Rez a week ago, and I'm thinking of doing another change just to drop the PPM down to about 400-450. Really starting to get frustrated! Oh well, live and learn I suppose! Cheers

    Edit- switched from18/6 to 24/0 to help control the cold at night, temps now fluctuate from 71-79. Much better than 63-78 I'd say...
    Also added some humid acid to the solution, not much, 5 ml for 3.5 gallons or so vs the recommended 17/18

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  17. whats in your pots?!?!
  18. Inert, ph neutral rocks... Similar to hydroton.
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    inert and Ph neutral dont really go together :) hahahah

    anyways, if eveything else is normal, why arent you blaming these "inert Ph neutral" rocks?

    if the plant takes off when the roots hit the soup without those rocks touching it, youll know the problem is those rocks for sure
  20. Sorry to jump in here late... but I saw you mentioned lowering the nutrient solution, exposing the roots.

    Im glad you did this, as what you had going on there looked like a drowning plant and I was going to ask you where your water line is in relation to the bottom of the pot.

    So, when I read the rest and saw you lowered it, I still want to ask...

    Where was your water line before?
    Where is your water line now?

    Methinks you had your water level too high (probably above the bottom of the basket), literally soaking the rocks and the roots and drowning the plant.

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