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(DWC System) White Widow and The Church. Few questions...(need input)

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Cannible Ox, Apr 24, 2010.

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    Hello everyone! I just registered and need some help.

    I have some Green House Seeds White Widow Feminized & Green House Seeds The Church Feminized on their way. I want to pick up NYC Diesel (?), Purple Wreck (?), AK-47(?), and G-13(?) soon and throw them into the rotation. (?=from where to acquire bests genetics) (I have LSD, Red Diesel, And Deep Greapfruit commin as of april 23)-update

    I’m going to be using DWC. 3 plants to extra large tote and 2 plants to a large tote.(hopefully around 27+/- plants in a 6x6 area flowering)-depends on what its going to take to keep that many smaller cloned plants ready for flower in veg room.)

    My goal is to keep 5 mothers vegging and clip from them prepping the clones to 2' tall and then flowering them. I’m leaning to getting a couple of t-5 to do all my vegging. I will have to figure out layout of totes for layout of the lights. I will take clones 2-3 weeks before I harvest my flowering girls.

    1-1000w HPS with vented hood(not purchased)

    -Veg room lighting? (Looking into t-5's)electric bill might be an issue so im not using M/H. It will be on 24/7.

    -I’m not sure on Nutz yet. Any suggestions?

    -DWC system I will build. I have a few large and extra large totes complete. Will have to pick up the rest once I figure out the grow room layout which will eventually dictate my flower tote/plant count area.

    -Air pump- thinking about a high pressure
    4/6/8 output and divides it among the totes. One in each room. I want allot of bubbles, ALOT!

    -and the other small essentials(ph/ppmtds meters, diffuser, carbon filter vent, and fans etc.)

    I’m really concerned about mixing the nutes. each tote is going to be its own res so spacing the plants out and giving them space in each tote.(will super crop and top) I just don’t want to screw up the nutes.

    My 2nd concern is the set up for my veg room. Using the same totes I can fit many rooted clones into a dwc tote, and less as the reach that 2' height I want before I flower them.

    Ill start vegging these seeds and get them healthy enough to take clones to flower to figure out what I have to work with. I hope to get my money donation (around a thousand) to pick up everything else( Only thing I have is the totes and some hydro hardware equipment)

    I’m going to use rapid rooters to support the base of the plant better.
    Flower Room is (9X13)
    Veg room is (9x7)

    Anything else I’m missing ?
    Please any suggestions or comments. Appreciate your help and time,

  2. Man there are so many choices for nutrients. I guess ill try advanced nutrients this go. There is so much reading to do.
  3. botanic care in f veg .silica blast, karma, grow, and cal mag.

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