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  1. what's up. I made a post in another part of the forum but I believe I'll have better feedback here.

    this is my first ever grow. I'm using a 4x2x5 grow tent and a bubble bucket. for lighting I have a lil sunsystem 150w hps which is nice but idk if it'll be enough. I'm using general hydroponics trio nutes. I have a ppm meter and my tap water is 35 ppm and about a 6.8 ph

    Temps in the tent are 73 and 45-50% humidity.

    Ordered some Russian rocket fuel autos and got a fem og kush seed and some other randoms.

    Put one rrf in rock wool and it's already cracked.

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  2. Seedlings can't handle intense light. Raise that hood up another foot.
    You need to bring that pH down to 5.8. 6.5 is going to kill it at this early stage.
    You said your tap water is at 35ppm. I'm guessing you are adding nutes, also not a good idea at this stage. Give it pure water, then maybe a drop of silica and b1 in the bucket.

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  3. Thanks man. I've been doing research for about 5 months it's seems as if I've came across some bad information along the line. much appreciated

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