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  1. ok so i am new to growing and i just germinated some seeds. right now the seedlings are in an easy cloner. once they develope some roots, when i am placing them into the netcups, exactly how deep should i place them? also, how high should i start my water levels out at? (im using five gallon buckets)
  2. water lvl about 1" below the net pot until the roots touch water then lower the water lvl to force them to grow. As far as transplanting Im no expert but my advice would be to put about an inch of hydroton in the basket then CAREFULLY and GENTLY fill around the root and stem all the wat to the top of the basket. The roots should be starting ontop of the 1" of hydroton. That make sense?

    please someone correct me if im wrong, still learning here too
  3. Yeah, that makes sense thanks smokin. Anyone else have any advice?
  4. Good luck man. Are you planning on starting a journal?
  5. no dude, if they little ones, you want the water touching the pots till the roots hit the water, then back it off too an inch, if not, the water isnt doing anything if no roots there... and as far as putting them into their new home, just hold them at the place you want them with one hand and other start puttin your medium in, then give a lil top feeding of just a lilttle bit of regular water for the net couple days...
  6. next**** opps
  7. ok thanks. and should i hold off on using any nutes?
  8. Yea when there small the nutes will shock them, you could use a organic thrive alive but just straight water would be fine
  9. thanks man +rep. can any other blades confirm this information? itd be greatly appreciated
  10. yes you want it touching the bottom of the netpot until the roots are growing out of it, i just started my first grow and i even had the bottom of the netpot about 10-20% submerged to ensure it was getting wet enough
  11. No nutes yet and when you do start at like 1/4 strength. You can always add more if needed but you don't wanna burn or shock them. I personally started at 1/8th then bumped up. Good luck man and keep reading. Welcome to the growing addiction lol!
  12. Check my journal and follow the steps.
    I am not a pro ,but it seems working for me.
  13. how many inline fans are u using RO? my room gets too hot so im gonna have to install ventilation soon
  14. 2 fans. 6" 450cfm Vortex for reflector cooling and 4" 150cfm Vortex (with Phresh filter) for tent ventilation.
    If room gets very hot fans might not help much , they will only move the air , but they can not cool it down. You probably need to find a source of cooler air (ac duct for example...)
  15. yeah im gonna connect from the floor for cool air then through my hood and up to the attic. how many fans will i need and where to put them?
  16. How big is the grow area?
    It always best to pull the air out than to push it trough. The best location for your fan would be in the attic.To cool a hood you just need one fan.
  17. so all i should do is run the duct from the fan to the attic? which end would i put the fan on?
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    Cool air in>duct>reflector>duct>inline fan>hot air out
    P.S. If you can install the fan in the attic, or try to PULL most of the air .
  19. thanks for the help man.
  20. What type of set up u doin? Cause right now I got a 150w hps wit only a 4inch inline duct fan for exhaust and a basic stanley blower for my intake ( blower was 10 bucks). Ductfan was 30. My temp runs like 74-75 degrees all day all couple days it was 88 outside my house and it was runnin fine.... suprisinly lol

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