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  1. 1 if i used a 2 gallon bucket with 1 plant would it work and still grow vigoriseley
    2 how tall will the fucker get im gunna go to a dispencery next season and get some pure indica seeds and space is an issue the plant can get about 18 inches max
    3 what nutes should i use
    4 would a dwc still be worth the trouble because the bucket will take up alot of my space
    5 ive heard bugs are not atracted to dwc/hydro grows is that true

    and could i get a complete set up for a dwc nutes and a 100 watt hps (exept fans)
  2. also on nutes im thinking fox farms big bloom tiger bloon and grow bif hydroponics any other ideas
  3. 1 Depends on the size...My root balls are probably 1 1\2 gallon each, and drink 3\4 gallon per day. You can get those rubbermaid tubs from wally world, not as tall, and holds more.

    2 You aint got much space, 18 " max...You may want to check into auto's. Northern Lights is a good dwc first timer grow, and it's one of the best out there.

    3 Up to you, I use General Hydroponics Micro and Bloom mixing the Lucas formula.

    4 depends on your space

    5 You may still get bugs, but most come from dirt, never really had a bug problem I knew of, other than those damn little nats.
  4. Oh, you can check the grow in my sig, the 240 LED.
    That one is in a 22x32x48 cabinet.
  5. what i used 1 pannel inside my mini frige would that be a good amount of light for the plant
  6. if you don't have much space I wouldn't recomend dwc unless you already know what the strain does in bloom. I started flowering some sour diesel girls at about 3 feet and they are now 6 feet tall with more than a month to go, so anything can happen. On the other hand I have a blueberry that went in veg the same time as diesel but is still too small to put in bloom. Find a smaller strain, use smaller buckets, I wouldn't let them get any more than a foot in veg. Before flowering. I've found ionic brand nutes to be very clean and good for hydro grows. Let me know if u have any more questions. Good luck man.
  7. i think what hard drive said about norhern lights ill go with but i wanna check out dispenceries and find either and auto flower with good side branches and bud it for 3 months or 75 day not sure
  8. On your size....You can figure the plant will double in size, so if it's a foot tall when you start 12\12 it will be over 24" when it finishes.

    Good rule of thumb, but some may go more, some less.

    Autos start the budding when they want, you keep the light cycle on 18\6, 20\4 etc...

    They stay short because they finish quick, from seed to bag in 60 or less days.
  9. well i might be able to make a dreeser in to a lil grow room its dimension is 18 deep 4 feet tall 3 feet wide i would definetley like to use my dresser and get a 150 hps or 2 led pannels sorta like what you have

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