DWC Nute Burn?

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  1. DWC Nute Burn. Any solutions?

    Planning on flushing the rez today, but skeptical on using Clearex. Thinking about going with RO but not sure yet. The New growth looks pretty healthy but some leaves are looking like they have sever nute burn. The plants are 18in and the roots are looking white but short and there are not a lot of them coming through the rockbed. The plants are in week 4 of vegetation.

    It is mid 70s in the room and the water temp fluctuates between 69-74. This is high and i am still trying to come up with a better solution than ice bagging.

    The PH is between 5.5 and 6 which is decent.

    There are 3 CFL's (cfls 26w 5700k) and one LED (ledufo 90watt) hanging at 18.5in. The lights are high and ill be dropping them shortly.

    Any solutions to the nute burn? Would love to have some healthy plants come harvest.


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  2. OK, the first think anyone is going to say is, get those light down to a couple of inches from the plants. I'm not going to say what those plants look like!
    OK, you might be giving the plant too high a PPM nutrients, but even if you were giving those plant the right amount of nutrients, the light is to far away for the plant to use the photosynthesis to use nutrients, you need plenty of lumens on top of those plants to use nutrients.
  3. I wouldn't worry about using Clearex. I would just run plain Ph adjusted water for a week. You could add a small dose of hydrogen peroxide (sorry, I don't know the exact dosage off the top of my head) and maybe a shot of Vitamin B-1 or Superthrive. Once the nutes/salts get flushed out, add your nutes back, but start low (like at 300 PPM).
  4. thanks Tex. i have been regulating the water all day and tonight and will check it tomorrow morning.

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