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  1. Hey guys. So I'm getting ready to start my first hydroponic/DWC grow and I had a question about the rockwool and ppm. First of all, let me tell you about my setup and plans. I'm using a 5 gallon bucket with a 10 inch net pot and an air pump connected to an air stone at the bottom of the bucket. I got it in a kit that also came with Growstones (similar to Hydroton - I've heard it works just fine) and three 1" x 1" x 1.5" rockwool starter plugs. I will only be growing one plant from a feminized seed and once it is germinated, I was planning on planting it in one of the rockwool plugs and putting it in a small cup under the light (125w 6500k CFL) until I can see the roots growing out of the bottom of the rockwool. At that point, can I just put the plug directly into the growstone in the bucket or do I have to put the plug in a larger rockwool cube like a 4" x 4" and then put that in the growstone? I will have to get one if that is the case, because these rockwool plugs are the only rockwool I have so it would be a lot more convenient for me to just use the starter plug through the whole grow if that is possible, but obviously I want to do what is best for my plant. I will also be using drinking water (bottled) for the reservoir, so do I really need to buy a ppm meter and keep track of that? I have a kit for testing the pH but I don't want to spend extra money on a ppm meter if I don't have to. And do you think the rockwool will be okay as far as moisture goes - like will i have to water it frequently? Because I am not using a water pump like people do for top-fed grows. Sorry if any of this sounds stupid but I'm new to hydroponics and want to make sure I get everything right. Thanks in advance for the help

  2. uuuh u will need a ppm meter...or follow the directions on ur nute chart to a tee, or lower.  also u dont have to buy bigger plugs for dwc, the plants will outgrow the plugs and become root bound into the clay pellets.  youll be ok.  i grow dwc also.

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