DWC - Deep Water Culture - organic style if the myth really does exist . . .

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by cannadoc1, May 16, 2011.

  1. Hi All :
    I could use some help. The next grow will change from organic soil and home-made "poop soup" (I mean the products aren't made by me personally, I just bought them at the store). Whew.

    Would like to try a DWC setup, about 24 plants, and although I have doing quite a bit of reading on the setup, some of the ones that appear that size seem to have been put together by a plumber. That aside, for an organic grow, all I hear is about the solutions you put in the reservoir. I'm kinda losing my patience with the gumbies at the grow store (one of them is just about to go soprano if he gives me any more bullshit (can't use that, might have prions in it) on OMRI, organics, safe, and ... uh oh, reverse peristalsis coming gumby's way (hehehe : projectile version).

    So what is an organic solution used in DWC, and what do I do with all the knowledge gained by coming up with my super secret poop soup that grew buds the size of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's biceps when he "allegedly" was stacking anabolic steroids for body building competitions in the past (ala pre-Terminator days).

    I really like working with soil, but not the constant cleanup, mopping, and bleaching everything, I do that at home anyway. But those FUNGUS GNATS. They're driving me cashewy. The usual methods didn't work, never did the predatory nematodes. I just couldn't see them swimming around in such special soup. Any one have a better way to get rid of them other than to say "don't let them get started?"

    Is there a source that is legitimate about setting up something other than one 3 gallon pot, or a 20 gallon rubbermaid tub (ick)?

    I've read a lot of good advice, a interesting one-up-manships 'I'll show you' type of blogs. I want to stay away from (now that I have an extra batch I'm not going to use) poop soup tosses, and just learn something about creative DWCs, or why hitting the oscillating frequency on fine crystal certain opera singers can shatter the glass. Nah, I already know why. And only a handful of counter tenors in the country can pull that one off. I'll just watch out for some Star Trek Next Generation type of Medical and Organic (really, could -chug -a lug -it, and it ain't Neem Oil, even though that's derived from a tree. I haven't seen any gumbies gnawing on Neem trees lately). Goal is to guide hospice patients and their families, despite not being able to prescribe the medicine).

    Well, thank you all for you patience with my post, and looking forward to some serious 24th century DWCs not by the dew crew, or replicators either.

  2. Is there a question there friend? As for your fungus gnats, neem cake/meal. Use with care - an "extra little bit" isn't necessarily a good thing for young plants but it is 100% organic and 100% effective. If you are infested be prepared to treat twice and possibly three times about 10 days apart (due to the life cycle of adults and larva)

    The only DWC set up I'm personally aware of is AllGood. Dude grew some phrigging monsters. Plumbing skills are a requirement for a DWC but the tutorials in The City are pretty doggone good for the DIY'er.
  3. I've been battling gnats in my houseplants for a bit in late winter/early spring here recently. I've been successful at almost eliminating them. I still see one every so often, but I'm not sure if they came in from outside or not, now that it is warm. Luckily they haven't spread to my MMJ.

    I topdress with neem meal. Also using neem meal to bubble into a tea to water in every so often. I've had really good luck fighting gnats with neem. (Better the going hydro, IMO)

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