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  1. Hey,

    Just started 4 clones in a DWC setup. They are mostly doing OK, standing up pretty well. Except for one, it wilted shortly after being placed in the hydroton. I thought it might recover, so I gave it a day but it didnt get better. I put a dome over it now.

    The clones are in rockwool, they were placed in the medium 2 days ago.

    What can I do to help my plant?
  2. Decided it was over watering, and lowered the water level from touching the bottom of the netpots to about a CM below the netpots. Its pretty badly wilted, I hope it will be OK.

    The others were beginning to show signs of overwatering too, so I'm hoping I caught it nice and early for them.

    I'm guessing that once the roots develop more over watering will become impossible, since its a DWC.

    Comments Please!
  3. that are showing sign of the overwatering, we could compare it to that one. Maybe some form of stress? Were the clones started in DWC, or transplanted? Were they rooted under a dome, and then put in DWC? It looks like overwatering, but I've never seen it on clones. Only water them by spraying them (and spraying the rockwool/starter plug.
  4. That's about the water level I use for mine, and they do fine. From both seedlings and cuttings.

    Two days? Was that enough time for them to form roots?

    When I root my cuttings, I wait for three or more roots to sprout from the bottom of the rockwool before I put them in the DWC.
  5. Sorry, I wasn't clear enough. The clones had been in the rockwool for an undetermined amount of time, they were purchased from a medical dispensary. The roots were allready showing out the bottom of the rockwool. What I meant was I placed the rockwool cubes with roots allready showing into the hydroton.

    I followed the advice of Rumpleforeskin and a few other growers on other forums and raised the water level to about 1/3 the way up the netpot. The really wilted one is probably a loss, but the others that were starting to droop picked back up very noticeably overnight after raising the water level.
  6. Good to hear things are picking up for your ladies TNG.


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