DWC cfl aurora indica grow! This grow will begin at 18 days flowering!

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by samisery, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Sorry that this grow will be started so late but i thought since im new to this forum ill show you people what i have got so far..

    Im growing Deep water culture with 2 separate plants, there both aurora indica. I have about 15 40 watt cfls hanging over the plants and 2 desk fans pushing a fresh breeze towards them at all times..

    Im using Bc hydroponic nutes with a touch of zone root conditioner.. half dose.

    This one pic is from day 18 but i will post there 3 weeks pics of flowering tommorow on monday so you guys can see some more pics.. Well hope you guys enjoy!

    Tomorrow ill have a bunch of photos i just wanted to start a journal..

  2. had a couple more pics but they wont let me upload them sorry
  3. keep it coming! i want to see more dwc grow entries...
  4. Tomorrow ill put a lot more pics up of the setup, and whats up this site no one grow DWC??
  5. I've seen plenty... stick around and you might 2 :smoking:

    Im looking forward into seeing the aurora! I was contiplating ordering some myself!!
  6. They are badass plants from what ive seen.. They've smelt so dank since like 2 weeks old, there fun to watch grow too =]
  7. 3 weeks flowering pics and setup pic:smoking:






  8. OG'er I Did a Search on Aurora Indica It Truly is an Inspiration IM Looking for a 90 to 100% STABLE indica To grow For MEDICAL purposes I've Been Researching A Total of Over 450 HOURS on This Site. I Thank ALL of These Lovely People For Their TIme and Effort. It Truly is a "Community" Would Love to Live With Some Of These people in Our Own utopia

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