DWC BB going south (pics!)

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by NlargeII, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Air temp - 84ish
    Water temp - 82.4 (yes, i know, its very high but im trying to make a water chiller, rumpleforeskin and others have water temps this high with great success)
    Water - RO about 10 ppm
    Nutes- fox farm trio (started at 1/4 strength at 1/2 strength now going to 3/4 strength with res change at start of 3rd week)
    250 watt MH 16" away
    Large air curtain in bucket for O2
    pH usually doesnt swing too much keeping it within a good range (at 6.1 now)

    Any more info needed just ask

    WTF is wrong with my plant?? This is my first grow.





  2. Y roots don't look to bad, i'd be guessing that you've over nuted them, just give em some fresh water with no nutes for a day or so and see if things change. Also with running yr water that warm i'd be adding some H2O2 for sure. The hotter the water the less oxygen it can cary, so yes you can run it warmer but you'd wanna add a little H2O2.

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