DWB Sonic Stemline

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    As the title says DWB Sonice Stemline, HD video check it out.


    If you have any negative comments please keep it to yourself, positive feed backs are welcomed.

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  2. sweet tube, love my sonic
  3. That's sick man!
  4. That thing is rad
  5. came in here looking for [​IMG]
  6. Hell ya that things so sick. Should come post it up on Kiln Connection in the dwb appreciation page. Been lacking in dwb glass. Did you buy that new from somewhere or used off someone?
  7. Thanks everyone for the positive comments, hope you guys enjoyed the HD vid.

    I will most def post it up when I have the time. Happy to see that DWB thread is alive somewhere lol. Very unfortunate that GC took down DWB :( I could of spent days on that 700+ page thread. To answer your question the tube is some what second hand (bit flawed due to few minor hairline cracks), bought it from drew when I visited his work place. He had this tube lying around for couple months so he asked me if I wanted to buy it. The price he threw at me was too good to pass so I gave it a new home. :D
  8. sucks its got some hairlines, but im sure he did toss you a price that was too hard to pass up for it. He needs to get the kiln fixed so we can get our fix of dwb sickenessss.
  9. That dude really needs to learn to focus his camera lol, killlling me. And that sucks waiting on your stuff....but with drew....its gonna happen.

    I really wanna hit a sonic stemline, im sure theres gotta be a noticable difference between that and normal stem.
  10. It appears there is a video of your tube already up...

  11. Haha yeah waiting does suck, but he makes it worth the wait so i try not to think about it too much. sonic = airflowwwww, also good for both flower and oil/wax.

    yup, youtube video from smokin' heavens
  12. Real nice man!
  13. Dude who could say anything negative about that. It's awesome, love the work on it!

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