DWB Glass Hemp Wick Holders

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  1. I am super excited to share this with my friends at GC! Because of the members here I was introduced to NINJAPIMP http://forum.grasscity.com/members/359187-ninjapimp.html

    He has some amazing talents and he agreed to start making glass hemp wick holders for Quik Wicks Head Shop and for Hemp Wick Dispenser I am really excited to show these awesome holders off. They are not for sale at the moment but I wanted to get some feedback from you all! Happy Late Thanksgiving everyone!


    !!!!!Check out ninjapimps thread here!!!!!
  2. Thats awesome hes doin that for u and vice versa. He makes great glass.
  3. yeah those are sweet
  4. I want to promote him as much as I can. He has great talent and he is very smart. I had the opportunity to meet with him and talk a few times already. The things he can do with glass I didn't know were even possible.
  5. Fuck man, I need one.

    Im just using a tinyy ass jar.

    hook me up ninja:smoke:
  6. They look great!
  7. And versatile, could easily be used as a slide stand, though they are small.
  8. They work great as a slide stand. The last one that ninjapimp made me held 50 feet of hemp wick. So they are not too small but there are not very big either. The ones I have for sale now are here. Quik Wicks Head Shop and Quik Wicks Head Shop
  9. those look amazing! better than the one I have. im adding it to my xmas wish list :)

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