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Dutch Masters

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MikExv, Aug 1, 2011.

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    Hi, I was planing on getting a blunt tomorrow and a sack of weed, and smoking a blunt. I was wondering what type of blunt? I was told Dutch Masters Vanilla was great, and I was wondering do they sell these at gas stations(Circle K) or do I need to go to the Cigarette Outlet store to get it Or What?
    Edit: How much do they cost? $1?
  2. You can find a dutch master in almost any store. If your rolling more than one blunt then you should get a bluntville, 2 wraps for $1 and it comes in 2 leaves. Its a cleaner and easier version, which taste better and are easier to roll.
  3. BoneThug know whats up bluntvilles are great cause it sounds like your new to rolling blizzles but if your not I'd recommend Games blunts get the green or the white grape or the honey and strap yourself in
  4. I like juicy jays blunt rolls. They are taaasty
  5. Games, Dutch Masters (Strawberry are my personal fav),

    PS. Fuck Phillies
  6. green or white grape game
  7. I like strawberry swishers :)
  8. I need a good blunt...havent had one in almost a year.....

  9. I need a good blunt...havent had one in almost a day.....

  10. Dude how do you smoke those? I really liked them at first but then my throat started hurting and if you notice the smells it smells like nail polish or something. I couldnt smoke them for more then 2 weeks they were making me sick.
  11. if your new to rolling blunts i would not use a dutch master.
    the tobacco papers are thin, can be dry and brittle, and some of them have that viney/stem in some of their blunts. sometimes the two papers seperate causing it to be even more differcult to roll

    i would use a phllly blunt. get one in an alluminum foil wrapper

    not a clear plastic wrapper...these are older and dryer

    happy smoking

    ps - ilove dutch masters...used to make them burn real slow
  12. Dutch masters are the ultimate they roll the best blunts but are hard to master... if you roll em without licking them (except to seal them) and take off half the inner paper they come out bomb.... you could taste the bud better and the tobacco is soft and suddle
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    Hell yeah exactly what I do. Games are easier to roll with then dutches. The leafs are much thicker and the shells harder. You can definatly find any of these cigars at a gas station. Prices vary but more then a dollar but less then two.
  14. Game or Dutch ciggarello....ciggarelos are the best not to much leaf and always roll a perfect blunt if you know wat your doin
  15. Cigars with big resiny leaves are cool to leaf roll, but for enjoying the weed, they suck ass. I started using Whiteowl Newyorkers and never looked back. get them in the 5 pack for cheap, they are a good size, they roll well, they burn long, and all you taste is weed. MUCH better than any dutch or game by far. in my opinion of course. .

  16. i used to get the white owls also and they were pretty good.

    the problem i have is that i got the one in a million cigar witha feather inside and that kind of killed it for me for that brand....just imagine if i used the cigar for its attended purpose
  17. I got a swisher with a big old piece of poly based bailing string once. smoking that would def shorten ones life. But the wrappers are where it's at. I think these cigar companies know what their product is being used for. If 95% of the cigar is not being used,(the guts), by 95 % of the users, fill them with something cheap as hell. Thats business I rekon.
  18. Dutchmaster palma cigarillos. the dark blue pack

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