Dutch Master Compressed Coir Bricks - Fungus - Damping Off

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by weeedy, May 21, 2013.

  1. hi all, i have some old dutchmaster compressed coir bricks here that are about a year old and have been sitting on the floor in my laundry the whole time.. they are sealed still but were coverd in dust and stuff... can these bricks in their compresed form grow any fungus? as i have used two and all the seedlings i plant in them keep damping off and dying... im unsure if the fungus has infected the bricks from the begining ? or if its from the coldish  not very ventilated area that i have them in wich allows the fungus to start up and thrive? any input would be greatly appreciated. cheers

  2. well i sure have had an encounter with moist soil left in small space which started decomposing leaving a trace of hydrogen sulfide which presented itself as orange coco. Im sure if the bricks compressed like usual and that you didnt get it wet you should be fine. With bricks it is always good to flush it first after prepping your soil. You will see slightly orange / brown when flushing but you'll be fine when clear water  appears.

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