Dusty the Cat SAVED!

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    If anyone still is wondering about the cat abusers that posted videos on youtube; worry no more. 2 kids were arrested last night and the cat is at a vet now with MINOR injuries :). Its funny how the internet can help.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCaFiEE9lqE"]YouTube - Kenny Glenn the Cat Abuser *CAUGHT*[/ame]


    justice has been served :)
  2. Tell me about it, i stayed up late to watch the live stream of Oklahomas news to see what was happening with this story. I'm glad they were caught within a day of posting videos
  3. Wow, what a fucking r-tard beat up a cat i wish i knew who he was. Id beat the shit oput of him.

    Ok i feel better now, atleast they caught him
  4. yay /b/!!

    we did it! not for lulz
  5. good job /b/rothers
  6. I sincerely hope they get anally pillaged. This is totally uncalled for, and I don't think the kids have any seriously mentally debilitating illness that will cause them to do this. This was there decision to make, I hope they pay for it.
  7. I don't want to watch the video but would like to know how the kids were caught.
  8. Yep, the kids were in normal health so it was their decision, and i hope authorities take that into account. I wish i could see this kid walk into school and see all his pupils who love cats ready to beat him down

  9. The peolpe at /b/ matched the photos from the video with a kids myspace and facebook.

    Doesnt admit it in the video thou.

  10. Great!

    Hope they get their asses busted for hurting an animal!
  11. I was part of the info gathering on IRC with about 200 other /b/rothers.
    It started with when the youtube account had kenny glenns last name in it. they compared pictures from the account and video matched with a FB and myspace of a Kenny Glenn of Oklahoma. The room was then matched with pictures from there. It took little time to find out his state, town and eventually his address. Asshole /b/rothers sent over $700 worth of online pizza from dominos etc, and other various "gifts". Moral /b/ called authorites and wrote letters to the parents of this kenny glenn to inform him of his acts. Authorities arrived at kennys house last night at around 10pm EST and did indeed find the cat "dusty" and had video evidence of the abuse. quotes like "our news site had a record 10,000 views on this story" from KSWO news simply because of /b/ making a commotion on forums throughout the internet; including me trying to make one here, but it ended up being deleted. now you know the summed up story :)
  12. those kids are pretty disgusting
  13. so glad they got caught cant wait to hear what they are charged with
  14. Good job and thanks for letting us (me) know!

  15. get the fuck out of the pool.
  16. haha.
    These kids arent going to be charged with that much unfortunatly seeing as they are minors, first real offense, and no REAL abuse (as most animal protection compare) so its probably going to end in community service or a fine.
    The real damage is going to be from their fellow pupils and citizens living near them. how would your neighbors feel if they saw a video of you beating a cat? Or walking into school knowing that everyone is looking at you because they KNOW. Still, these kids have and will not be punished like they should be
  17. i fuckin love the internet

  18. Strangely this is how I feel as well.
  19. well the video in the first page is a news reel showing edited portions of the clip so you dont have to worry. its from a local news station near where the kids were arrested. also on page one it is also explained how they were caught

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