DUST... the wonder grow

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  1. i know right, what a terrible world we live in, where not everyone is privileged with the gift of a camera...
  2. But I thought you grew tons and tons of dank bud??? You giving that shit away???

    I'll take some that doesn't have dust on it! :hello:

  3. ive never met a person that grows by the ton... and yes i do just give it away, if you meant to say that i should be selling it...

    i have some of that aswell
  4. Well... It's nice to meet you.

    Maybe you could borrow a camera? Do you have friends?

  5. indeed...

    i could, but as i said im leaving tomorrow, or was it the next day? and dont live in town, the house is faaaaarrrrrr inside the bush. no one here uses cameras, thats what the tourists do, we just get high,....
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    What day are you leaving? You don't remember if it's tomorrow or the next day... sounds like about as well thought out a trip as is your dusting scheme... I think you're high now...


  7. ha, i wish, im at work, and the lack of highness is the problem...

    im not sure actually, i think it all depends on the mechanic, who is a stoner, this town is unpredictable, hell maybe we're even leaving tonight...
  8. right... right... you don't have your phone any more... or any other camera... and no one you know has a camera... and in fact, they don't have cameras in your town, right? I believe you... I do... really... :bolt:

  9. nope, got stolen, no, no camera... my friends dont need cameras, and the only photographer i know in town is away on work... oh there's plenty of cameras in town. but im not in town, im at my house, where there arnt other people who may or may not have cameras... its a terrible shame i know
  10. For one NO and Secondly this makes no 2 cents lol but really you havent said anything about what to do with the dust or what it does all you said is that people are growing half assed plants and YOU think its good where your at when in fact that is doing more harm if anything because the only thing that grows from pizza crumbs is mold:eek: with that said i call your bluff AND I HOPE NOBODY MESSES UP THEIR CROP WITH THIS TALL TALE.
  11. ohh almost forgot plz kill this thread with its pointless lies
  12. I'm too much of a skeptic, I need to see pictures like Loki...not saying you're lying, I would just like to see pictures of a "dust" plant compared to one of your other plants. More information and description on how exactly the dust is applied would be helpful too.

    I'm assuming just from reading your posts that you basically just throw or sprinkle the dust all over the foliage? Do you add it to the top of your growing medium too or just on the plant itself? I understand that you think the stress factor is part of it but why wouldn't you want to use something controlled, like fine potting soil or coco or make your own "dust" from grinding something up? It just seems a little weird or gross to put accumulated filth on something that for 1. I'm going to be smoking/ingesting and 2. I'm trying to give lots of love in the first place.

    Again I understand the stress part but I wonder if some other medium could be used with better results besides house filth. Interesting idea..."the wonder grow" is a little misleading though, especially without pics. :smoke::smoke:
  13. "It's this thing like El Nino, this air flow that comes from Hawaii and Canada and it gets the dirt, mixes it in with the weed in a very special way. It's actually very scientific, I wont go into it right now, but I am the only guy in the whole city that has it. Only 10 bones more for a quarter."
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    Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

    I propose we break this down a little more. There may be something behind this post. As tokers, we should always keep an open mind. I ask you to open your mind to possibilities. :D

    Interesting theory you have, sir! But a theory is just that. There is no proof. If you're up to it, I propose you investigate the Steppes of Russia. There is a possibility you could be right.

    This is my skepticism, sir. I can agree, extreme conditions have turned marijuana into what it is today. But THC glands are not a defense mechanism. If this were true... wouldn't buds form in the veg timeframe? Moreover, wouldn't we be smoking the leaves that would form in the flowering timeframe? By themselves, leaves do not produces enough THC for us to smoke. A plant may produce fruits, flowers, or buds at the end of its life. These are the products we seek; not the leaves.

    Roots retain moisture for the plant. Do not forget, when you are watering a plant, you are watering its roots as well.

    This is a fact. What doesn't kill it makes it stronger. A stunted or small plant is capable of producing higher quality bud. Will so much stress, it would be a miracle if this plant did not hermie. But if you started the abuse at a young age, you could train the plant to get used to it.

    Again, what doesn't kill it makes it stronger. A plant will cope with its harsh realities.

    How do we know the dust is even needed at this point? Perhaps the stress-training of the wind was the REAL wonder grow. You've presented a false argument sir. There is no control in this experiment. Swearing by something does not make it true. Personally, I will not try the dust method. But a new form of stress training might be applied to my new grow, because of this thread.

    Thank you for sharing your theories with us! Let's keep talking, keep reading, and keep learning. :hello:

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