Dunno the name of this percolator

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  1. Hey I have a friend that wants to buy an ash catcher with the same perc as mine but i don't know the name. I've searched google for perc lists, etc to try to find out it's name. No luck at all.

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  2. I don't know if that particular perc has a name, it looks to be an original piece

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  3. Sexy is what that is
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  4. A propeller perc? Reminds me of Leisure Glass's squidline perc. I can't tell from the pic whether it's gridded or just slits. Either way, it's pretty cool!
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  5. Thanks for all your input. I am starting to think that it is an original piece. All I know is that when I dab, the perc gets milky white in about half a second. One of the best I've ever owned!
  6. They are just slits. Btw Leisure Glass's squidline perc looks super cool!

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