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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by OCTAGONAL HOME, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. Hello from Ohio! Long story made short...I am getting a strain here known as Dumpster. All the nugs are dense and many are golf ball sized or larger. Also the trichome coverage is crazy, very frosty. The aroma and flavor overall is very sweet and almost lime. It is among the heaviest/best marijuana I have ever smoked. If anyone knows the story on this strain please post.

    I am no photographer but my sample photo is below...


    Attached Files:

  2. good shit~
  3. Cool name, nice nugs, looks like a good deal!
  4. im from ohio too and i've gotten dumpster a few times. personally i dont really like the strain. nice dense nugs don't get me wrong but i just didn't enjoy the high as much as some of the other shit i've bought of the guy.

    but atleast you got something to smoke on....unlike me :(
  5. How much does Dumpster go for? I have heard its an Ohio strain but haven't had my guy speak of it..?
  6. I'd smoke that garbage all day!
  7. lmfao :hello:
  8. i could smell it just by looking at it

    dannnnk shit
  9. nICE pickup bro, dumpster was born in o-high-o. also where you at in the state? +rep for that and stay high:hello:
  10. Sometimes dumpster makes it to MI from Ohio, it's definately good shit. Nice pick-up.
  11. Shit looks unique. Wow. Dat's real frosty, and dank. And it's hairy! Nice pickup. If you don't mind asking, how much it run you?
  12. According to my cannabible the story about "dumpster" is, back in the day some head was walking around and smelled something peculiar, he looked in a dumpster and saw a pot plant in it, he took it home and finished it, and thus dumpster was born. But hey who knows.
  13. niiiiiiiiiiiice +rep
  14. I live in NoVA and I had a steady hookup of dumpster for a while as well. Looked exactly like that.


    Nothing tops the OG in my book though.
  15. rep son I have smoked dumpster a few times it is ohio born like lemon g.
  16. thats shiiit looks bomb, i wish canada got some dumpster
  17. yea the og is nice, but if you try chemdawg it will most likely become your fav strain mainly because og has chemdawg genetics
  18. From what I know the Dumpster strain is Sensi Star x Nyc Diesel and also goes by the name Death Star. The strain can be fround all over Ohio and in many other parts of the midwest. I smoked about an 1/8th of Dumpster aka Death Star along with many other strains this past 4/20 and let me tell you it's no joke!! It has an INCREDIBLE lemon-lime/citrus taste and smell, and produces a euphoric and calming high which is great for medical users suffering from depression or anyone who just wants a little pick me up!!!
  19. According to The Cannabible: 3 by Jason King, there is nothing known about the heritage / genetics of Dumpster (seemingly indica). The story goes on as some head walking in a back alley somewhere (in Ohio), minding his business, and as he was walking by a garbage dumpster, he noticed a small plant. He was perplexed, but was not about to turn down a gift from the 'goddess'. He took the plant home and it turned out to be a fantastic and amazingly unique strain. It is a clone only strain to this day, and yes it is allover the midwest. Hope this clears some things up. :wave:

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