Dumpster Diving

Discussion in 'General' started by hippie john, Mar 11, 2003.


Ever gone dumpster diving?

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  1. Has anyone here gone dumpster diving?
  2. it sounds like fun, but ive never done it. you ccould probably get some pretty good stuff though
  3. hell yeah its great. I personally have probably found well over $20,000 worth of electronics (new electronics too) and other shit that people and shipping companys throw out. did you know that when a distributer ships a palatte load of DVD players to best buy or some place like that and it goes to the wrong place it gets sent back to the distributer and gets deemed as trash and is thrown away? I mean the stupid fuckers think that because they made a mistake shiping that they should throw away $100,000 worth of new DVD players. Dumbass's
  4. you smoke marijuana dont you? We all love it but it isnt exactly good for your health. Its the same with dumpster diving.
  5. I couldn't actually dive into a dumpster because of my germ phobia but somebody left their big screen tv at the dump because they thought it didn't work...a new fuse made that baby a good tv for me!!!

    I've known people who have had to go dumpster diving before due to homelessness but they are all happy with homes now. I just wish everyone was! :)
  6. heh, I went with a friend a couple weeks ago, we found a couple dozen bigh powered porch lights, some clothes, a bunch of sage seeds and some sweet little subwoofers :D

    Any suggestions as to specific places that are good for this kind of thing? We went to the mall which worked out pretty well but from what you're saying that's just the tip of the iceberg.
  7. I always say one mans trash is another mans treasure :) I won't actually go into a dumpster to search for shit, but if I saw something cool on the top, or within reach, I would grab it for sure..my friends whole family went dumpster diving one time :) .... His sister threw away her retainer at school (like on the lunch tray i guess..so they all went looking for it since some can be kinda of expensive... I can just picture his mom and dad and sister and him going through the dumpsters at school :)
  8. Of all the illegal and immoral things I've done in my life, (yes, I know you're shocked that I would do anything illegal or immoral), the only time I've ever been busted was for dumpster diving.

    One night, coming home from a beer run, we went by this second hand store. Out in the back, in plain, wide open view, under a streetlight, next to a dumpster, were 2 TV's. We stopped and backed up and drove up to look at them. One had no dials (they all did back then), and the other had a crack in the case, and no power cord. They were obviously junk. We'd no sooner picked them up, when 2 cop cars came screaming up on us! Spotlights, lots of yelling, and a .38 in my face telling me to get on the ground. Told us we were under arrest for burglary! I tried to negotiate. They would have none of it. Going downtown they finally had to roll up the windows in the back, because I was yelling at the town to sleep well! Your local police force has taken 2 deadly criminals off the street!

    Reduced it to trespassing, got to spend the night in solitary, and had to cough up $350.

    I ain't dumpster dove since.
  9. damn that sux smokie.

    If I had some sanitary suit i'd love to do it..just go swimmin around;..lol

  10. If you go to my website I have a certificate that prevents them from being able to do that. Its the california Vs. Greenwood case.
  11. Never done it but I've been to the alt.dumpster.diving newsgroup in usenet a few times. Seems like quite a few people do it, and if you wear gloves and sturdy work boots you should'nt get too messed up with sharp stuff. I remember the good old days when they had real county dumps here. Go to the dump to get rid of your garbage and you end up bringing home some ones else's trash, wondering why some one would throw that away. Met and talked with some of the people scavenging at this one dump and they said they were making close to a 100 bucks a day just on aluminium cans. One guy said he even scrounged enough parts to make a air compressor to power pnuematic tools for his shop. I imagine hundreds of years from now future archeologists will be digging in old garbage dumps trying to piece together what everyday life was like back in the 20th century.
  12. i havent heard of marijuana ever resulting in a new dvd player and hepatitis...... but who knows
  13. fuck no. dumpster divin is for bums and tweakers. I know a homeless guy that lives out here and he comes by and blazes with us sometimes, he dumpster dives and he just finds GARBAGE. He'll come back smellin like ass and shit with an old cd player like 'look what i found i bet i can get $10 for this!!'.

    But hey if you like divin threw piles of shit go for it, me personally ill just go to best buy and buy a dvd player like a civilized human being.

  14. You must live in a shitty area. Ive found $2000 dollars worth of stuff in one night, all from behind Dell, 3 3800 series laptops just thrown in the trash, god dell is a bunch of dumb bastards, anyway Heres a lesson in the way america works; distributers (such as dell) send out pallet loads worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, If that shippment goes to the wrong place it gets sent back to the distributer and when it comes back the distributer says " we can no longer provide a waranty for these items because they have been returned/ damaged in shipping. we dont care that only one item is damaged and the rest are fine, or that they were only sent to the wrong store and are still brand-new. So lets just throw them in the trash because its too expensive to reinspect them and send them back out." So then I come along and Flash my little California Vs. Greenwood Paper from the supreme court that states that once something is placed for collection i is no longer property of the recent owner, and I haul away thousands of dollars of new merchandise and sell it on EBay. Thats how fucked up America is.:smoking:
  15. heh heh heh

    professional dumpster diving.

    i don't do much dumpster diving, there is very little around here worth getting into a dumpster for.

  16. so now where is this Dell company you speak of? I believe we may have some business to talk about :D
  17. I used to go dumpster diving when they were still building houses real close to me in my neighborhood. Found neat stuff to make forts and things with. And I'm a damn resourceful kid, so some of that junk was put to good use.

    And I have a Dell real close to me. I may have to go check out their dumpsters some time.
  18. hook my poor ass up with a laptop next time you find one

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