dummest way getting caught

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  1. ok so on a monday summer...me and my friends decided to smoke and chill. we go buy half an eith.and we smoke get high. chill. bomb ass day. perfect. i go back to my friends house..faded as hell play madden. so then i leave cuz my homie passed out asleep. so when i get home..about 1 hour later i get a call from my friends phone..i answer it..and its his mom..she wanted to talk to my mom..at that time i had a feeling she had found out..so i just said my moms asleep. so then my friends mom says..i know what you guys did today..i know everything... so im like fuck.i just hung up on her..my friend calls me later that night and says that his mom read his texts and she knew what we did. so everythings cool until the next day..after my mom got outta work i had her cell phone..and my friends mom called it..so i just ignored it..she called maybe about 5 times..so i had an idea..i saved my friends phone number on my moms contacts as my friends. and i told my mom that if they call dont answer because i dont want to talk to them. so for about 3 days ..my friends mom probably called about 5 times a day...and then one day while my mom was at work..my friends mom sent a text to my moms phone..and told her everything..so my mom read it and called my friends mom and they told her everything..then when my mom got home..i got yelled at..and cant go out for shit..but thats not it.turns out that my friends mom went to my best friends house and told his mom everything..and she called another friends mom..so that bitch was getting all of my friends caught!!!.....
    and thats my story..i cant smoke weed anymore because im being drug tested..=[
    and my friends mom is a bitch trying to be supermom and saving the day..she should just worry about her own dam kids!!!
  2. summer days. . .

    makes me feel fine.

    blowing through the jasmine

    on my mind.
  3. im hella lit
  4. spacing plz kthanx
  5. woww,

    drop that ski mask down and go 'kick-do'

    she deserves a nice 'fuck you' or rock threw her window

    sucks its your friends mom though.
  6. use paragraphs man. they work wonders...

    my head hurts now.
  7. I was with a friend, about 3 in the morning, just got done smokin, and we walk up to the garage door. The Door opens before we hit the code. We were trippin lol. Then when the door opened, his parents were there out on a emergency thing. His dads like what the hell are you doing. My friend says "just out on a walk". dad said bullshit get inside.
    Lesson of the story, come up with excuse before you go out.
  8. bottom line, one should always:

    a) Delete all drug-related texts, or just all texts period

    b) Enable the "lock" feature on one's cell phone, so that a pin number must be entered in order to even access the main menu (my blackberry gives you 5 tries to get the password correct, then it autowipes all the data on the device and resets)

    see, as long as you guys learned a lesson from this
  9. Well, she is your parent and you are living in her house. Assuming you're 18, look for a better paying job and move out, where you can smoke at will. Respect your mom, you came out of her vag.
  10. I hate control freaks like that who cant just leave it be. Although Im not sure I would go as far as putting a rock thru her window.... that suchs though dude, Im gonna rip my bong for you.
  11. what a bitch
  12. Meddling bitch. Don't worry though bro, karma's a bitch to people who poke their nose in others' business and throw handfuls of shit into other people's fans.
  13. so
    how old are you?

  14. LOL, insert random "im hella lit" here. God for some reason that cracked me the fuck up!!!!!what was the point of saying that without mentioning anything about the original subject? Im honestly not flaming, i thought it was funny. But i would like to know.

  15. just turned 17
  16. fixed
  17. ban this man/teenager
  18. ^^ idk wat the big deal about this is, just be chill.... ik this site can get banned, and that would suck serious asshole. But i mean the kids almost there i guess...

  19. THIS is the "dummest" way to get caught

  20. so like a year ago this girl was sending me like naked pics to me on my cell phone and my freind was like dude i wanna see so i emailed them to him so months later his 7 year old sister some how got on his email and printed the pics and his mom saw called my mom was gonna call the cops for underaged porn dumb shit so stupid haha and my mom didnt care shes like WoW my sons not gay whats new haha and i didnt get in trouble but still dumb ahaha

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