Dumbest thing you've done stoned ALONE?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Nathan, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. I registered on this site about an hour ago, got the mail to verify. [​IMG]

    I could not get it to verify so I forgot all about it thinking the verification button is broken. lol.

    Only time I can thing I was really dumb is when I was having a shisha sesh while high I managed to knock the hookah just enough for the coal to fall of and hit my couch. All I did was sit and stare at it for literary 1 min, before I decided to pick it up with the pliers and throw it out the window (winter time, snow)
  2. Back when I was in college, I had a basement apartment where I was keen on attempting to find ways for my landlord to not discover my stoner ways (his office was literally next door to mine, and I got caught smoking in my room, smoking in my bathroom, living room, etc etc). More out of embarrassment than anything, he'd complain from time to time but overall he was a pretty chill landlord. Anyways. On to my stupidity.

    I had my glass ice bong, and I was getting ready to rip a few bowls, and was trying to figure how to stay discreet. How my apartment was, I had this window out to a pit with bars around it facing this other building in an alleyway (I lived in the city and it could get sketch at night) that was kind of like a pit from ground level, and there was plants and grass and shit around it so it wasn't really noticeable. I had opened the window and blown out of it a few times, but I came up with what seemed like a brilliant idea. I climbed out in to this pit, and began to do bong hits. It was a bit cramped and I had to sit down, and there was a used needle in there I kept clear from, but it worked out. At first. Nobody was around or noticed, smoke dissipated, stealth smoke sesh accomplished.

    After I was good and baked and figured it was time to head in and get snacks, the window (which opened by sliding up and down) slammed godamn shut on me. Wouldn't open either. I didn't bring my phone. Roommates were out. Bars too small to get out. Sitting in this little pit with bars, locked out of my window, with my glass bong. Realizing the helplessness of my situation, I did another bowl. I really had no clue how I was going to get out of there, short of waiting for one of my roommates to start looking for me (knowing them, that could have been days). How could I explain myself to any passerby in the alley, and would I even want to be found like that?

    I was probably stuck down in that caged pit for about half an hour, before I began messing with the window. By wiggling it the right angle to avoid the lock on it, and very slowly inching it up, I was able to open it back up again. The relief I felt going back in my room was unbelievable. But yeah, the dumbest thing I've ever done stoned alone.
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  3. Took my little chihuahua Cheech to the gas station for milk.
    Forgot to bring her back
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  4. I chopped my last bud up and put the chop bowl ontop of my subwoofer put some music on and when i went to grab the bowl to pack a bong it vibrated off the subwoofer onto the floor and i lost my last session.
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  5. If i saw you at the store id prob forget my dog also ;)
  6. If i saw you at the store id prob forget my dog also
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  7. Couple years back i spent 90 quid sending a hooker round to my bosses house cos he told me he had a chick round for dinner.
    Thought I was the dogs bollocks at the time. Spent hours pissin maself laughin about it.
    Saturday passed, Sunday passed, still no phone call or abusive text.
    Monday morning comes and I finally realise....
    He quietly told her to fuck off. Shut the door. His date was none the wiser cos his house is fuckin massive...
    And I was 90 quid down :( what a dick :(
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  8. Ohh lol
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  9. Dumbest thing I've done while stoned was drive. That's pretty likely evryone's REAL answer being honest. Beyond that, being 56 and couldn't even remember all the shit I did yesterday, it's hard tellin' what would qualify as funniest ever.
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  10. Hear you on that! I'd probably forget where I parked.
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  11. Right??? I get so lost . Had to park and fetch an Uber once . Also thought I was being pulled over by a school bus one day but turns out I was just going too slow and they were on my ass .
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  12. That's one reason I don't drive after I smoke. I have to remind myself to go the damn speed limit. :p
  13. Yes once i was pulled over by a cop stoned AF thought it was all over, but kept my composure and he didint notice a thing .. let me go without a ticket ;)
  14. WTF did you just say?! Translate that to American English you irish gypsy bastard. and i thought you pronounce it " dawgs"
  15. It's nothing special but I was once looking for something right in front of me.
  16. 35-40 years ago. I was listening to my stereo with an LP on the turntable, with headphones, (classic, I love baroque!). Record was over. I was laying on the floor. Reached up & grasped the (it was a low chest of drawers) the edge & pulled myself up, I pulled the chest over, stereo, TT, etc, it all tipped , I kinda rolled with it, chest hit my shoulder, other stuff fell on top of me. screwed up the TT, destroyed the record.

    About a year ago, I found the same LP online from some dude in Utah, it was never re-released on a cd.
    Anyways, I was allus more careful after that, , , ,

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