Dumbest thing you've done stoned ALONE?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Nathan, Sep 7, 2009.

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    Ok I don't think I ever saw a thread about doing dumb things stoned while alone. Soo I made one and I'll start it off.

    Yesterday I smoked a bowl and went on GC, was eating chips and listening to Pink Floyd. I decide to close my eyes because for some reason it felt like my high got stronger with my eyes closed. So there I am eating, listening to music with my eyes closed and for no apart reason I chuckled. Guess what happens? The crunched up chips went DOWN my nose! It was the most uncomfortable thing in the world.

    Also probably going to the kitchen to put my dishes away but forgeting the dishes and wondering why I'm in the kitchen.
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  2. Ok.

    I smoked a few bowls in the woods behind my house. Got really high, then stumbled home in the dark. When i got home i put all my paraphernalia and weed in my drawer. Then i went to check my phone for messages, couldnt find it.
    Pissed me off, i retraced my steps through the woods in the dark for half an hour, scouring the ground with a flashlight looking for my phone.
    Then i thought "shit, i probably put it in my drawer with my pipe, my mum will get home and call me to see where im at. She wil hear it ring and check upstairs, eventually opening my drawer and finding my stash!"

    So i piss bolted back home, opened my drawer and found my phone, sitting on top of half an ounce of green.

    I felt like such a dipshit.
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  3. haha I've done the dishes bit before.

    One time I was home alone and I smoked a few bowls in my living room while watching tv. After I finished I went to go get some some spray to cover the smell, and then when I went to put the spray back, I got out the duster and went and dusted the tv for some reason. I caught myself mid-dusting and was just like.."wtf?" I laughed by myself for a good while.
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  4. alright so im about to blaze in my room with my fan blowing out the window and the door locked.. i bust out my bong and stash.. when i filled the bong with water i left it on the floor next to where i was sitting and the stash on the edge of the desk.. i hear a knock on the door.. thinking its my mom i get up really fast and knock the bong down and the water splashes everywhere and when i bend down to pick it up in a hurry i accidentally knocked down my stash which was mostly shake.. it was my freakin sister who gave me my phone that i left in the living room..
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  5. put shampoo on my toothbrush and proceded to brush my teeth til I noticed something tasted really bad...

    Was holding a bagel with my right hand and a remotecontroller with my left. Brought my left hand to my mouth and chomped down...

    pissed in a bottle of water half full that I was drinking. A bit later I proceded to take a sip from it...
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  6. I think I was maybe 15 at the time, and I had some anxiety issues when I was younger. Due to schizophrenia and not having the right diagnosis and whatnot.. but back to my story,
    So I was sitting in my room about to blaze with my windows open fan going incense burning to hide the smell its maybe 3 AM I figured smoking a little would make me sleep and calm me down. I take a few hits and look over at my door to my bedroom and (Due to schizophrenia I got hallucinations obviously) I saw it opening, so I got pretty freaked out, and to save my self from freaking out I just opened it, and kept on smoking with my door wide open and I lived at home with my parents...
    So Im done smoking put everything away, and try to see if my room smelled, forgetting my door was open, well my room smelled of incense so I went to bed, but since i forgot my dor was open the rest of my house reeked of dank, and our house was small, so that shit lingered. The whole next day my mom was trying to figure out what the smell was, she probably put 2 and 2 together because my room wasnt the only one that didnt smell like bud:smoke:

    That was kinda, long. Probably not the dumbest, but first that came to mind.. and yeah.
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  7. i was smoking in my room watching Dark Crystal (a trippy ass movie) and i noticed that my tv was dirty and i was began to wipe it down and as i got closer to the tv i started watch it as i cleaned and ended up fninshing to movie standing up, my face 5 inches away from the tv. hahah
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  8. Here's one:
    I was chilling in my room one day, just smoking a bowl and listening to some Zeppelin. My ipod was dying so I plugged it in to my laptop, and this window pops up and asks me "would you like to scan and fix FRENCHIE?"
    I gave the computer a very dirty look and told it I was not broken, thank you very much (Frenchie is my nickname)
    ..... Then it dawned on me, a) The computer was reffering to my ipod and b) I just got in an argument with my laptop.
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  9. Lol I do the dishes thing even when I'm sober. Sometimes I pour myself a drink, put the jug away in the fridge, and walk back to the computer with no drink...makes me mad.
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  10. One time I rolled a few J's in my room, smoked then went for a drive. I drive to this place about 30 minutes out and check my pockets and realize my papers are no where to be found. So I speed back home knowing my parents would anally rape me if they found the papers sitting on my desk. I finally get home and the papers aren't on my desk. I checked my pockets again and found them.
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  11. I had just smoked and had no tolerance at the time. so i go to put gas in my car, and put in the wrong pin. i thought that they wanted me to go inside because they thought i stole the card. and i thought my card was still in the machine and they would let it go!
  12. threw a nug in the grinder. walked to my closet to get my b. wondered y the grinder was out. i put it back n sat down. i grabbed my container of herb wonderin y some is missin. i remembered i put some in the grinder n when i went to grab it. it slipped off the corner n herb went every where. i got a shaggy type carpet. so the only thing i could reqlly do was vaccum it
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  13. Took my sisters jeep out for a drive around town. I didnt have a license and the vehicle didnt have a registration sticker so it wasnt legal to drive
  14. holy shit dude. u smoke weed dont you?
  15. This one will make you guys laugh.

    Last year I went to the ATM at my bank to deposit some money. I put my card in, try to deposit the money, make a mistake doing something and the transaction prematurely ends. I don't get my card back. I get pissed because I wasn't having the best day already - I can't do anything about it either because it's late and the bank is closed. I leave and go to my buddies and tell him the situation.

    The next day I go to the bank and tell them that their ATM ate my card. The lady says something like, "Oh yeah, I think I saw one when I got here this morning". So she checks, says she can't find it. I'm like, what the hell? So I cancel my card and have them get me a new one. It'll take a few days to get though.

    Fast forward a couple days, it's Friday night and I'm out with friends. Still don't have my new Visa debit card. I get to the bar we're going to and take my wallet out to show them my identification. I usually keep my license behind my FOID card so I pull my license out (without being able to see it) from behind the FOID.

    It's my fucking debit card. I wish you guys could have seen my face.
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  16. This one night I saved a roach from the solo session I had, I put it in my cargo pocket. The next morning I couldn't find it in my pocket and I thought someone had stolen it out of my pocket or I had dropped it. So I woke everyone up in the house and asked them if they had seen it and whatnot. I tore my bed apart and still could not find it. I was very pissed because that was the last of my stash. A half hour later I checked my pocket and it was in the corner. I was furious to say the least, but also incredibly happy.
  17. I at one point got up from my chair whilst watching futurama, and started copying bender for the hell of it.
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  18. at night i'll be sitting in bed smoking. i have a chair right next to my bed, and i'll see it out of the corner of my eye. then i decide to pass the bowl to the person in the chair, only to find it empty. strangely, then i feel happy that i don't have to share and i can smoke alone...even though i never had to share the bowl with anyone in the first place. weird.
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  19. nice

    one time i was going down the stairs in the dark, even though there are light switches at the top and bottom, and I reached for the last stair with a pointed toe, missed, fell, and landed on only my big toe on the tile. It bent sideways and broke (for any of you that read the story, it turns out it was actually broken). Needless to say, i felt like a dumbass.

    and i am sure everyone has done this one... got stoned, decided to smoke the rest of my stash, regretted it the next night
  20. umm, stoned alone? there are so many.

    everyone has those moments where they get up to grab a pillow, then forget what they were getting up to do, and go get more food, ect.

    I think I have peed on a towel cause the bathroom was too far away (like 25 feet) hah.
    Oh, and I whipped up a spilled soda with my BRAND NEW TEE SHIRT.

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