Dumbest thing you've done stoned ALONE?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Nathan, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. I worked with a guy in a factory who often smoked weed on his lunch break. We'd see him most days at lunch smoking a joint in the staff room with us. One day, myself and another worker walked in to discover him making himself a sandwich in the sandwich press. He was obviously really stoned because his eyes were red and squinty. He sat a piece of frozen beef steak on one piece of bread, sat another piece of bread on top, and then put it into the sandwich press. I looked at him and said, "you can't seriously think that is going to cook properly do you?" His bread ended up sponging up all of the fat/moisture from the meat and turned soft. The meat wasn't even half cooked. He looked at me and said "you win some, you lose some!"
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    Once I was high af and messing around with my pepper spray and a accidently sprayed my self lol not fun.
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  4. This song pretty much sums it up... stoner singing bout being a stoner..
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  5. I was trying to set up my modem and router baked and couldn't figure out why it wasn't working. I said fuck it and left. In the morning i looked at it and wires were plugged in all over the place, i fixed it in like 30 sec. lol
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  6. Forgot how to text and forgot how to get back home

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  7. not the dumbest but i let the cat out in zero degree weather with snow on the ground. i didnt realize it until like 4-5 mins later when she jumped on the window sil outside and was like
    let me the fuck in NOW!
    poor kitty
    if that cat would of got lost my parents would have been mega pissed
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  8. sounds like a mega buzzkill
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  9. One time I was talking to my friend and emptying the weed out of this little canister I have to grind it up, I empty it out and keep talking then while im talking I put it back in the container and put it up, ten minutes of talking go by and neither of us can find the bud so we drive to his house because we thought we left it there and on the way there we get stopped by highway patrol. When he goes to open the center console to get his wallet and license out, theres the weed sitting right on top of his wallet...the cop never saw the weed because we knocked it off real quick. Lucky night
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    Many times I have passed out and woke up late hungry. I put some chicken and fries in the oven to cook and go lay down. I wake up hours later to find my food burnt to a crisp and black smoke coming out of the oven. smoke detectors going off and me fanning the detectors. I put the baking sheet out on my deck for the night. My house smells like shit for the next 2-3 days.
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  11. No doubt lol plus it hurt really bad as well. :eek:
  12. chewing tobacco and spittin in one water bottle and drinkin from my other water bottle i mixed them up. proceeded to take a big gulp of the wrong bottle.
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    Actually, tmi. Dumbest thing while stoned would be nearly choking to death on peanut butter from eating it too fast when I had the munchies. I was home alone and living alone at the time so no one saw it happen but damn it was embarrassing.
  14. I once had an allergy attack while high because I ate a peanut butter cookie. Scary shit man.
  15. That's pretty funny.

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  16. Lol it wasn't at the time but now yea it is ctfu. :laughing:
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  17. I jerked off 36.5 times in a row after hitting 5 bowls
  18. I Was high so went to the shops to buy something to eat. It’s about a 10 mom walk from my house to a kfc. When I got there I realised I left my card. Walked all the way back home and seen the car keys on the table and remembered I had a car
  19. I'm not gonna lie, that sounds really dumb but I'm bound to do something that dumb when I'm high af one of these days.

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  20. Ah, this page was great. Now I have to go back and read some others. So funny because we’ve all been there.
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