Dumbest thing you've done high?

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  1. I know there are many of these "dumbest high stories" threads, but I just want to know, whats the dumbest thing you can remember doing high?

    I'll begin. I once took a piss with my dick out facing the road, too high to realize what the fuck i was doing. A car went by and the guy driving took a double take like "what a fucken idiot". I was just too dam high to care but looking back, I was really dumb because i could have been caught really easily.

    Whats your story?
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  2. lol, well this is going to be bad.

    Ok well im just going to say, nobody ever do this. Driving high is just asking to fuck your life.

    Now thats out of the way. I was really stupid, but i got realllly high, but then i realized i needed to go christmas shopping. So i told myself ok, just go to the mall real quick and be super focused while driving and youll make it. 2 minutes down the road it felt like i was in a video game and i started wondering why everyone was going so slow. then i realized that they were just AI, and that i should go faster. Nothing bad happened but it was really dangerous and i was driving like a douchebag.

    Side note though being in the mall high as fuck is a good time lol
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  3. Dumbest thing when high ....reading this post
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  4. lmf
    lmfao....that's a dope movie scene! have you fucked up taking a piss the you look up as the car approaches, you see him hit the double take and you look at him/her puzzled as he/she drives down the street. you so fucked you forget to close your zipper.....walk down the street listening to music with your dick out. you get to your friends/home and they answer the door like WTF Tony?(tony is your new name) then you realise why all the stares.
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  5. Literally there's a thread right above this one with the same exact title and over 2 thousand replies.

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  6. When I took my first dab at one of my friend's house in the basement. I ended up getting so baked that I heard shit that wasn't there and I can still recall it.

    Here's the story: I hit up my friend and wanted to buy a G. Later, he hit me up saying to come over so I walked down the street to go to his house. Got to my man's house and then he was like "Hey we are going to Nathan's house" (not his actual name, just keeping it anonymous). I was buying off Nathan who sold some really good shit.

    I got to his place, went upstairs to his room, gave him the 20 and I got my G. So we walked downstairs to his basement and I was chilling there; sober.

    I was kinda shy because I only knew 2 people there and there were like 5 others who I didn't really personally know so I did not talk very much. - Later we all started smoking and I started smoking. I was getting pretty baked, but able to control it.

    30 minutes later... "Hey bro, ever took a dab?", Nathan asked this and everyone went quiet. "No, never". Everyone started freaking out and my other mate was like "I don't know if he should.." I was still a rookie back then. I wanted to, my heart started pounding as I got up and went over to the other side of the basement where the rig was. The torch went up and the nail got hot. I remember coughing for like 5 minutes straight and I went from a 7 to a straight cloud 9, 48 bob Marley blaze it up faggit high. The first words I said were "I'm stuck" I seriously couldn't move!

    Once I could move, I sat back down and I started talking about space (I study astronomy) and there's a moon made out of ice that could possibly have life underneath the ice in our own galaxy (I forget which moon it is, sorry, but I think it's one of Jupiter's moon's?....) So I was tripping balls over that like a hella lot. - BUT that isn't the stupidest thing I've down that night. So here's the stupidest thing I have done..

    Before I say, there was music playing and all when we were smoking the dope dope which was lit.

    I literally heard a song playing that was never playing and I ended up shouting in front of people that I don't know saying "WHAT SONG IS THIS??" bruh my friend was geeking after I did that because I was so quiet and I just came out of now where saying that! The song playing was fuck yeah - Jordan Comolli ( )

    I think that was the dumbest thing I have done being so incredibly baked.
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  7. Lmaoo that's crazy yo. And $20 for a G?? That better be some good ass kush kush. I have never hit a dab before but I saw my friend do it for the first time and it was hilarious. First of all, when he hit it he nearly coughed a lung but after like 4mins he was so high he could barely talk. We walked to the store to get some chips and shit and he was just too high he just stood there in the store staring at the chip isle eyes redder than Satan's dick. In total he probably said about 5 words. 3 of them being "I'm soo high".

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  8. Brooooo! haha that sounds lit asf, and i'm not in legal state only medical rn.
  9. Dumbest thing i've ever done while high is probably when my friends uncle invited my friend and i to sleep over, and we did but his uncle had to go to a wedding and so he wouldn't be in his apartment. My friend and i played Black ops 3 all night and smoked in between every game and we were listening to music, and soon we were so high that we started making our own rap songs and dancing and i stepped his uncles dogs tail and the dog nipped at my leg and i fell over a smacked my head in the corner of the coffee table but was too high to feel it.

    Keep in mind i had to go back home the next morning with dried blood on my neck because i had no idea i was bleeding and my mom got super mad because i didn't know what happened.

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  10. Dumbest and weirdest thing that happen to me while high :
    I jay walked across the street without looking.......I get halfway and motion a truck that was coming right at me to stop.(but I never even saw it ,just raised my arm)

    The truck stalls and stops right in front of me inches from my hand and now will not restart it had to be towed away.
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  11. Way to turn a dick move into hilarity.
  12. I was 17 and my parents came home earlier than expected. I ran back inside my house and for some reason thought putting soap in my mouth would get rid of the smell. Then I hopped in the shower hoping they wouldn't bother me and that I could ride out some of my high in there.

    Nope. I guess I left a trail of dank smell throughout the hallway and my mom came into the restroom. She asked me if I was smoking and when I opened my mouth suds came out.
    And I got caught.
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  13. Haha! Thats crazy. Did you do dabs or something? Or how much did you smoke?
  14. It gets even more weird ,you see the Driver never saw me either and never stepped on his brakes his truck just stopped he said.
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  15. Divine intervention man, the universe has plans for you...
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  16. Lmfao. Great story. I needed that today

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  17. Took my friend offroading, after a few hits I decided to cross this deep river (like 2 feet), and hit a rock at the other bank and ripped off my skid pad and dented my bumper...
  18. I burn macaroni all the time. Smoke half a doob get munchies so I start or up. Wake up 3 hours later with smoke everywhere and permanent Mac n cheese. Got baked af once n me n a chick filled a buggy with lube, latex gloves, jumper cables, duct tape and rope just left it n the baking section at walk mart. To bad the best jokes u don't get to see the reaction

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  19. Probably when i was too high from bong rips to go see a girl i was planning to hang out with. Couldve went well but i got high
  20. Was bombing this hill that I always do after chilling on this one rooftop with a great view looking down at the ocean. Well anyway after a quickie blaze sesh I'm feeling nice and toasty with Lady luck on my tail, but little did I know the goddamned wind had blown sand about 50 yards inland and as soon as I get to the boardwalk it was too late...Flew off my skate and ate shit. Was kinda funny I just bounced up and ignored the awkward stares and kept on skating. Weed is awesomeness.

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