Dumb shit you've done baked

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  1. Heres some of my stoner moments one time I was at my boys house hotboxin the shit out of his room then I look for my lighter and I realize I cant find it so a lighter search starts and lasts about 10 minutes when I realize it's in my pocket DUR!:p another time im chillen with these guys and i'm takin a toke from a shitty pipe that I cant figure out how to use when all of a sudden I hear "uh your hairs on fire dude" OH FUCK:eek: and I brush it out and one time back in high school im baked as fuck and im goin to class so I dip from smokers and start walking to class with a smoke and I walked into the door with a LIT SMOKE by accident and thats a $300 fine lucky I noticed and turned around to finish my smoke and headed to class and not to mention all the times ive lit my smoke the wrong way and realized "what the fuck am I doing?" lol so what are some of your stories?:smoke:
  2. I once vaporized in my room right before i joined the rest of my family at dinner and i wanted to make sure i didnt act high or stoned infront of them.well as i was serving my self rice i must of spooned the pot so hard it fell right off the stove and hit my foot while spilling everything inside of it and everyone just turned and glared at me as i struggled to clean up the mess my Baked ass did and tried to play it off and said'who put the damn pot so close to the edge, fuuuck?!?" then LOL in front of everyone not realizing that i was actually laughing while they were still quite srs. FML
  3. I smoked a fat bowl in my room and the door was open the whole time!
    That's all I can think of for now...
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    I had just had a bunch of bong hoots in my new apartment and was pretty dazed haha.. not thinking really about anything i did. I remembered that I had to go and check my laundry downstairs which was one floor below the entrance i usually used. When i came back up, i went up 2 flights of stairs to the wrong floor found # 203 (i'm 303), and opened it.:eek: shut it quietly and booked it lol ooopsss:p they should have had it locked though i guess

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