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  1. So, are female plants the only ones that will have those rusty-brown orange colored hairs or do males have that too?
  2. Males don't produce bud so yes.


    or are you talking about on the leaves or stalk or something?
  3. Actually I'm asking about the hairs that were once white and are now turning brown-orange. That means the plants have to be female right? I think a male sexed one of my females because there are alot of seeds on her.

    I can see the trichomes, they're all pretty clear atm but seem to be massing and changing slowly to brown.
  4. Bump, anyone know? Please post :)
  5. Female MJ flowers produce hair-like pistals that turn dark after the plant has matured.
  6. Only females have those hairs. Males have pollen sacs that will look like a little cluster, kind of like a tiny banana bunch.

    Make sure, though, that we really are talking about the "hairs", which is to say the pistils. Some people see the stipules for the first time and think they are looking at "hairs."

    When a plant is reaching preparedness for flowering it produces stipules, which are long and thin but not as thin as hairs, they are thicker at the base. They tend to grow out of the main stalk at a node. Then as the actual flowers emerge the female first produces a calyx, a roundish or cone-shaped bump right in the crook of the main stem and a branch. Don't panic, that's not a male ball. Out of this calyx will grow (usually 2) thin wispy "hairs" that are the pistils, which are designed to capture pollen out of the air. These hairs usualy start off white or even clear-looking, and as the flower matures the pistils can turn a variety of shades of red/orange/brown.

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