Dumb Cops

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  1. A batch of BLUR's rare single DON'T BOMB WHEN YOU ARE THE BOMB has been blown up - by police who thought the box containing the singles were actually a real bomb.
    The track, which was released as a white label last month, has been in the pipeline since as early as March. Singer Damon Albarn revealed why the delay occurred.

    "We were late putting the record out," he told BBC Radio 1. "We'd have probably put it out six weeks earlier but we ran into problems with the first pressing and I only found out very recently that they were actually mislaid on Brighton train station in a cardboard box and it had bomb written on it. The police performed a controlled explosion, which is why it never materialised until later. It's top secret information. It's Norman (Cook)'s home town so maybe he did it?"

    Albarn also said that guitarist Graham Coxon leaving the band "was the hardest thing that we've had to do".

    He continued: "All four of us had to make certain decisions. Graham's made a very good decision I think for him just to be a bit quieter in life. He's never enjoyed the sort of fame side of things and I can't say that I'm as keen as I was 12 years ago cos I'm hopefully a bit more grown up. I still like making music to be heard by lots of people and that's all that the difference was really. I think it's good for everybody. Fair play to us all really."

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