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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Little Wing, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. My town has a festival each year. So last night was the main night of the festival, and me and some friends went and stopped by to see what was going on. I was drinking whiskey and filled a bottle up with it. We walked around for about half an hour and I had maybe half a sip left in the bottle when a cop came up to me and told me to throw my beer down on the ground. I said "What beer?", and he pointed to my bottle and said "Throw it on the ground!". At that point I reallized he was talking about the dregs of my whiskey.

    So, I did as he asked and threw the bottle on the ground, I found it strange he wanted me to litter, but I was in no mood to get arrested. He then reallized the error of his command and said, "No, Pour it out." Making much more sense I picked the bottle up and let the 3-4 drops hit the ground. The whole thing was just rediculous. Then I put the bottle in the trashcan so as not to pollute the earth.
  2. stupid fucking cops. you should've kicked him in the sack, taken his gun and his night stick and started beating the shit out of him for being a dumbass.
  3. The 50 other cops around would have then taken their nightsticks and beaten me.
  4. That's what the gun is for. Fire a couple rounds into the air, they'll back off. And if they don't just pop one into a cops leg or something.

  5. Then the 50 cops around me would have pulled out their guns and shot me nice and dead.
  6. Free your mind Neo.

  7. I hate cops who are out there just to give ppl a hard time. I swear some cops must not ever have Fun, and if they see ppl having fun they go out of their way to ruin the good times. It's like they get pleasure out ruining someones night.
  8. Blah. That cop needed to chill the fuck out. Im with Blocko and Luke. Should've dropped a clip in that guy's ass.
  9. drink coke and rum next time in a coke bottle
  10. I cant stand mixing drinks with coke. When all my friends are mixing Morgans with coke I just drink it straight. That stuff is like water though.

    Real men drink whisky :D

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