DUI... Just need to vent

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  1. First time posting but been lurking and reading people's post for a while. Well what's can I say I done fucked things up big time.
    This happened last week on Halloween, u kno just having a good time couple beers lead to shots which lead to more. Party was starting to die out so decided to bounce wit my homie. I take the wheel but ended up parking knowing dam well I was in no shape to cruise. Well my homie takes the wheel and all is going good till them red white and blues start to flash haha
    Well what ended up happening was he got arrested charged wit DUI and I was dropped off down the street to SA. What's confusing is that the cops didn't even ask for insurance or towed the car. Anyways I Called up a buddie, he swooped me up and then came back for my whip. Picked up my friend who got arrested and went on our way home.
    Bad news is that minnesota law just rammed me real nice. I now have to get whiskey plates even tho I wasn't driving wtffff
    Whaaaat ah Halloween

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  2. Lesson learned, don't drink and drive.  Lucky that wasn't you driving.
  3. I thought whiskey plates could only be given on the second DUI offense?
    Agreed. anyone who drives intoxicated is being 100% reckless and careless.
    show you care about your life :)
  5. Same here I guess minnesota law just changed that to first offense

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    Lucky op. You dont wanna dui.

    People treat you differently, you pay thousands in fines, go to court ordered drug and alcohol classes, cant join millitary or get certain jobs, and just overall puts your life on hold.

    I know, I got one on december 13 2013, and will just be getting done being drug tested on december 30 2014. One whole year after one stupid mistake.

    Moral of the story? Your lucky, but I still feel for ya op.

    Silver lining yo my story? I get yo be high as fuck for new years. Thats ine plus about a forced t break.

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  7. Yea I was planning on keeping this from my parents and figuring it out on my own but since the name
    Is under my moms name I had to break the news an hour ago =\\ since I now gotta have whiskey plates
    anyways they are disappointed
    What's confusing is that I get to
    Drive with the plates and he doesent haha wtff

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  8. I would try contacting the dmv or whoever you need to get ahold of and explain to them that you werent the one driving.

    Its in the police logs if they want to fact check.

    Id guess that they are making you do it bcs the dmv knows it was your vehicle, but dosent know it was your friend driving.

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  9. You can get a DUI even if you're not drunk just for knowingly letting a drunk person drive.  Consider yourselves lucky.  Completely stupid actions and you're lucky you didn't get a DUI because it will fuck your life up.  You should throw your friend money.
  10. You're a bad friend for allowing someone you call a friend to not only drive intoxicated but as well as riding shotty. You're lucky it didn't turn out worse.

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  11. I think you may want to contact a lawyer. Initial consultations should be free for 30 - 60 minutes.
    If this link is accurate, then the Law specifically states YOU. Therefore your vehicle, driven by another should not be penalized. Just an opinion, but get that consultation. :smoke:
    \tWhiskey Plates in Minnesota Special “Whiskey” plates make it much easier for police officers and other drivers to recognize your vehicle as one involved in a DWI case.  Not only can this cause shame and embarrassment to those driving and to your family members, you also become a target for police officers. With whiskey plates you may notice you are pulled over more frequently for no apparent reason. You may be accused of speeding, ignoring road rules or even additional DWI charges simply because you have a ‘special' license plate.  
    \tMinnesota License Plate Impoundment Law There are several DWI convictions that can result in license plate impoundment. You may be subject to license plate impoundment if you are facing the following:
    • If you have had a DWI conviction or license revocation within ten (10) years of a current offense. In other words, anyone who has been convicted of a DWI offense in the past could face license plate revocation this time around.
    • Even if this is your first offense, if you have aggravating factors* in your DWI arrest, then you could also have license plate revocation.
    • If you are driving while serving a license suspension period, then you could also have your license plate revoked.
    • If you are driving in violation of an alcohol restricted driver's license, then you could also face license plate impoundment.
    *Aggravating factors in DWI cases include: a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .20 or more; a child under the age of 16 in the car while arrested; and a prior DWI Conviction or License Revocation within the last 10 years.
  12. You can apply for an administrative rescission of plate impoundment within 30 days, since in this case, the owner is considered an "innocent owner"(owner of car was not the one charged with DUI). If you can get that , it'll save you $114 in plate fees, etc.. the link explains more and has pdf of the application.


    Good luck and hope you make better decisions next time.
  13. Minnesota laws suck on that wish ta the best blade I moved here from missouei loving tge smoke

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  14. Shut it jimmy, them coppas aint got nothin.

    Fyi It wasnt all good untill the lights came on.

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  15. Update...
    Lawyer called me back, told me to ask for an administrative review I might be able to slip out of this one but fuck man this got me stressing...I'm bout to toss my boy a couple hunnids take some money issues of his hand for tickets

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  16. Make it hard for the police. Fight any charge you can.

    Think about like your already screwed. At this point things can only get better.
  17. Dude your due about as much sympaty as a person who complains about getting pinched after deciding the produce section of walmart is a good place to try out his new ar15.  Intoxicated opperation of a potentially deadly vehicle among other people is no different. Not that I havent done my share of stupid shit but driving drunk is one thing I have never been tempted to risk.
    It's ok tho, so long as you learn from this shit and get the legal crap straight.  We all fuck up but we gotta learn from the fuck ups because next time it might be manslaughter you have to worry about and not  some stupid  whiskey plates.
    Good luck man. You weren't driving....they aint got shit on ya.
  18. Could have been much worse
  19. Aha i speak English

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  20. because an ar15 is like, the most dangerous gun anyone can own 

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