Dugouts! Lets Discuss the Pros - Cons - Favorites of the Classic Toke System

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  1. Dugouts have been around for 40 years, accepted as a toking tool, and that doesn't happen if a toke system hasn't some how resonated with the masses. What are the details within those four decades as to how the dugout has effected toker's lives? Some new tokers don't know what a dugout is & hopefully we can illuminate on the pros & cons of this classic system to give a bit of a history lesson.
    Give your thoughts, your honest individual assessment of the smoke system, pictures of your favorite dugout, stories of the dugout being there for you when you needed it ... or if it was not.
    This is a picture of my MAGDUG dugout ... Innovation Meets Tradition!
  2. Yaaaaaaaaa....... Nice picture.........
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